Monday, September 17, 2018

B-O-R-I-N-G video!

New B-O-R-I -N-G video live! B-O-R-I -N-G song was Winner in the Rock category of

The Great American Song Contest!

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Monday, July 30, 2018

I Like You! (XOX)

Hi Everyone, I'm sharing my new lyric video for the 'I Like You (XOX) song.

I hope you enjoy it! xoxo
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hi everyone,

It is sunny and hot here in the Seattle area.

I'm posting for you a new art page with my classy, elegant, natural, organic, uplifting, colorful, affordable 'Rain Paintings' complementing real interiors.  'Rain Painting' - Interiors.

I currently see too much art in houses where children reside which is predominated with black and brown coloring.
My immediate response to this art is a feeling of depression.  Black and brown are colors pull you down to the earth.

Why not buy art which includes blues, pastel colors, greens, and yellows.  Colors which lift you up and bring joy to your world!

Yes, I have a BFA degree in design from CCA (a top art school), and I worked in some of the largest design firms in the world.  I know what class and elegance is.
I have been a fine artist for over 25 years.

The 'Two Maple Leaves'  Rain Painting I'm showing here will be For Sale and part of the
Edmonds Arts Festival which takes place this coming weekend - June 19-21st.
After two years and four series of experimenting with the 'Rain Paintings', I feel they have arrived at an elegant and beautiful fruition.   Having sold two already, I currently have 10 'Rain Paintings' left of the current series.

If you are interested in buying a 'Rain Painting' you can email me at:

Thank you,
Laurie Miller

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Dream of Playing on the David Letterman Show!

Hi everyone,

I Want to Play on Your Show
Yes, today is the last day for David Letterman to be on the air.
Hopefully, Bill Murray convinced David to change his mind about retiring after his rally last night!

One of my dreams was to play on the David Letterman show.
I always loved his style of comedy, and I like how he treats his performers.
I am also a hoosier girl, and I was born in the same hospital as David Letterman.   My father, Sayers J  Miller, was inducted into the Ball State University Athletic Hall of Fame - year 2000.

My father was also the first athletic trainer to be employed at Ball State University.
So, I have roots in Muncie and Ball State University.

I have made my living as a professional musician and artist my entire life.  I have played close to 4,000 professional gigs, and I have played a few tours (bass for the Hendrix family Guitar Competition Tour, etc.)  I have released five CDs, and I'm currently working on my new CD titled: 'Listen People'.

My new song, 'I Want to Play on Your Show!' popped into my head in March, and we completed the video for it the first weekend in May.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that David Letterman will change his mind and not retire, or he will be so bored when he is retired that he will want to come back to TV land, and then..... I can
still play on the David Letterman show!  'I Want to Play on Your Show!'
We love you David Letterman.  Thank you for the entertainment! #David Letterman #ThanksDave
Laurie Miller

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fun Video - David Letterman - 'I Want to Play on Your Show!'

Good Monday Morning everyone!

We finished the video for the 'I Want to Play on Your Show!' song!
It features Bag Face Girlfriend and a few other friends.
David Letterman and I were born in the same hospital in Indiana.
Yes, I'm a hoosier!
'I Want to Play on Your Show!'
I've always admired how open minded David is towards all styles of music.
David Letterman also appears to always be genuinely kind and appreciative
to the wide variety of performers who play on his show.
There are only eight more days till David Letterman retires!
So, hey David Letterman, 'I Want to Play on Your Show!'
Check out the video and share with your friends if you like it!
Thank you, xoxox Laurie Miller

Top Ten List: Things We Like About David Letterman!

  1. Kindness to all his performers
  1. His Smile
  1. His Humor
  1. He’s From Indiana
  1. Paul Shaffer
  1. His Microphone on his Desk
  1. Stupid Pet Tricks
  1. Stupid Human Tricks
  1. Viewer Mail
  1. Suit of Velcro

Friday, April 24, 2015

New fun song for your Friday!

Hi everyone!

I have always desired to play on the David Letterman show for a couple of reasons: 
we were both born in Muncie Indiana  (my dad has a scholarship in his name at Ball State - Sayers John Miller Jr. - he was a founding father of sports medicine - since his passing) and, 
I love the way David treats all of the musicians who perform on his show.

I know with less than a month till Dave leaves CBS it might be a long shot, but this song popped into my head only a few weeks ago.
I will be uploading a fun video featuring the song, 'I Want to Play on Your Show' -
this Sunday - April 26th (my birthday!).

This the first song that I wrote and play the ukulele on.  
I hope you enjoy listening to this fun lighthearted song!

Here is a link to the 'I Want to Play on Your Show' song:
I will have a video up on Sunday - April 26th - my birthday!

I also created a fun page for The David Letterman Late Show:

I'll be posting the video soon!
I hope you all have a nice day!