Monday, April 26, 2010

Holes in My Memories

Hi! Disclaimer: I'm going on my fourth or fifth day of only obtaining about two to three hours sleep, so if there are grammatical or spelling errors I'll correct them later. My son cooked me a delicious spaghetti birthday dinner, and he bought me a carrot cake; Yum! I was looking at some baby pictures with my son, and I stumbled upon a scrapbook of my earlier music career days. I was excited to find a autograph from John Entwistle (bass player from 'The Who.) Sal's friend, Steve Smith created the video for the 1996 Quadrophenia tour, and I hung out with Steve and members of 'The Who' for a couple of the shows. John Entwistle was a huge influence on my bass playing style. John passed away in 2002. My inspiration for my blog posting tonight was the baby pictures and the scrapbook. I'm including also a scan of John's autograph. Nighty night. xxoo

Holes in My Memories
Holes in my memories
Staring at me
Where and when?
I search my impaired brain
For a place to begin
Can I remember?
Maybe not?
I pray a few good
Recollections remain
And help me recall
Long lost friends
Once again
Copyright 2010 - LAM


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  2. Knowing is light and light hides what is known. Only in the darkness can you see the stars.