Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Floating Bodies

Hi Everyone!  It is already the middle of March and we are still getting snow showers every other day here in the Seattle area.  I think last week was the busiest music teaching week of my entire life.  I barely had time to think.  Thinking is over rated right?  I did start writing a few new songs, and I should have an acoustic CD finished by this summer.  My studio is up and running, and I should have my first song completed by this weekend.  My abstract feather series, original Plant People, and Wine picture are still showing at The Scotch and Vine in Des Moines. If you would like to Help this artist and a great charity - 20% off all art at the show and the miniatures www.lauriemillermodernart.com. Email me at: bassnlegs@aol.com if interested in buying any art.  Art can be shipped with additional shipping and handling fees.  A portion of all sales is given to NCADV - Helping Women who have been abused by domestic violence -http://www.ncadv.org/.  
Thank you!
My son, Michael, has his beautiful photos showing at the Lynnwood Library Gallery this month:

I'm still gearing up for my song, art creation, and poem a day for a year.  I need to  take a few more vitamins and eat some more Wheaties, and then I'll begin my creative journey once again.
Have a Nice Day!  xxoo Laurie

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Whitney Houston - Rest in Peace

Hi Everyone!  I know I've been a little behind with my blog postings of late. I had eye surgery last month, so I'll attribute my absence to that. I had a new lens put in my left eye.  I can see again!  I guess my art might change a little?  Also, I'm back into the swing of working seven days a week.  Oh when am I going to win that darn lottery so that I can once again focus my time on my creativity rather than paying the bills. Okay, attitude of gratitude at least I'm not living on the streets.  I'm also happy that I'm not chained to playing bar gigs for now.
I don't mind the first two hours (at least when I'm playing with good musicians, and I can solo and/or I can sing a few songs), but the last two hours are so intolerably boring.  There is just so much spit I can wipe off my face from the conversations with drunks.
   I held my artist 'Meet and Greet' last month at The Scotch and Vine.  Some fabulous musicians came and played the event including; Tim Turner, Rod Cook, Ronnda Cadle, Heidi Swan, Gary, and my band mates: Carol Howe (percussion, back up singer), and Michael Wittenbrink (violin).  Thank you all for making the event a wonderful evening, and thanks to everyone who came to the event. We had a nice full house, and it was the first time I had a chance to enjoy the tantalizing food. The Big Blue Peacock drink that Drew created was also a hit.  My abstract feather series is featured till April at The Scotch and Vine.  20% off all art at the show, and I have signed art cards of any art from my site for $2.50 a card www.lauriemillermodernart.com.  A portion of all sales is donated to NCADV - Helping Women who have been abused by domestic violence - www.ncadv.org. In addition, I will be selling signed prints of my Whitney Houston picture at $10.00 plus postage fees. If anyone is interested you can email me at: bassnlegs@aol.com.  Thank you for your support!  It is much appreciated.  I have written a few new songs (music and lyrics).  I shall be sharing them soon.  In the meantime, I wrote the song Whitney R.I.P. (featured on this blog posting) on my guitar the other night.  It is a simple melody, but I wanted to write something.  I also created the art dedicated to Whitney last week. I will try my best to post more frequently.
Nighty night. xxoo Laurie