Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Glass Love

>Hi Everyone. I am feeling better after a nap even though my left arm is still numb and tingly. It is 2 am right now while I am posting, but the truth is I'm a vampire. Hopefully I'll get the music portion of my blog going in April. The engineers I contacted to help me get set up were busy with recording projects, so I'll try again tomorrow. I'm adding my CDbaby link to my instrumental easy listening songs.
Nighty night.

Glass Love
Glass love
Transparent and fragile
Sent to me
On the wings of an angel
Gentle and kind
Filled with true empathy
Glass love
I’m looking to see
Whose face
Will be
On the other side
Whose lips will I kiss
But still remain wise
Whose arms will hold me
Never to let go
Glass love
Transparent and fragile
When will I see
Maybe tomorrow
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dead Tired

Hi! Alrighty, I'm feeling tired, and I have a migraine headache. My son went back to school today and I miss him already. Hopefully I'll get more than three hours of sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow. Nighty night.

Dead Tired
Dead tired
Needing a break
Focusing my mind
On what it would take
Tears of exhaustion
Sliding down my face
My life can
Evolve to a better place
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blink of an Eye

Hi. Well, yet another long day of teaching, and then my son & I had our last dinner together before he heads back to college. Michael made Dean's list last semester. He is majoring in Finance. I will miss his wonderful energy. Here is the link to Michael's blog: NorthWestPhotoMan
The posting tonight is inspired by the movie 'Titanic' which was featured on TV this evening. I'm going to try and get more than three to four hours of sleep tonight, so nighty night.

Blink of An Eye
Blink of an eye
Everything changes in
A blink of an eye
Subtle changes
Teeth coming in
Hair falling out
Bones growing longer
Color fading to gray
Then there are
The blatant changes
Birth and death
Having health
Living with disease
All changes performing
On different stages
In front of a variety of audiences
Spread throughout
Diverse countries
In a blink of an eye
Everything changes
Everything dies
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Face of Infinity

Hi Everyone. I'm going to quickly post my blog then try and get some rest. Nighty night.

Face of Infinity
Face of infinity
What are the possibilities
Endless reality
We can create
Do we really
Know the why
Of another’s actions
Of course not
So why waste
Precious time wondering
Maybe, maybe not
Face of infinity
Endless possibilities
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Will Your Key?

Hi everybody! Okay, super duper double trouble tired tonight. Ugh! Made it through the gig at Stewarts - mow my arm is about to fall off. I watched my Project Runway rerun right now as I created this blog. The 'key' inspiration is a continuation from yesterday's blog posting. I still couldn't find my poem that I wrote at Redline, so here is a quicky for tonight's posting. Nighty night.

Will Your Key?
Will your key
Unlock my heart
Will it turn and click
In all the right parts
Currently shut tight
From a lack of trust
I hope my
Ancient lock
Won’t rust
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Friday, March 26, 2010

Key and Lock

Hi Everyone. Okay, I'm really, really tired. I went to the clinic at 8 am this morning, and I had an EKG performed. I then had a school recital to direct. Then a gig almost an hour drive from my house which last about five hours. Okay, I'm beat, and tomorrow is even busier.
I lost my poem that I wrote at my gig, so I will have to post it tomorrow. My posting is inspired by a bag of keys my son found yesterday. I did create my painting right now, so here is the illustration and nighty night.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Growing a Sense of Humor

Hi. Sometimes in the music business you can hear a lot of ignorant uneducated things. It is hard not to take things personally, but my son reminded me not to take things so seriously. I am blessed to have a wonderful, smart, wise son.
My arm is getting worse, so my son & I are going to try to get into the clinic early tomorrow. If I can't be seen there, then we are going to the emergency room since I can't get a doctor appointment till April.

Growing a Sense of Humo
Growing a sense of humor
Starts as a seed
Similar to a tiny gurgle
Deep in your knees
It crawls up your body
Like out of control weeds
Tickling you silly
As a laugh starts to weave
You hear a cry deep from within
Don’t take yourself so seriously
That’s the only way you can win
Wear a smile instead of a frown
Laugh at all the tiny pink clowns
Growing a sense of humor
Is the best work you can achieve
Growing a sense a humor
Begins with tickling your feet
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Dancing Cat

Hi. I'm pretty tired and I'm still having physical problems. My left arm is getting worse with the numbness and tingling,
but the first appointment I can get with my doctor is April 5th. I may go to the emergency room tomorrow. Tonight's blog posting is inspired by my cat, Poe (named after Edgar Allan Poe even though my cat is female). My cat now suffers from gender confusion problems. I can imagine the psychiatrist bill. Nighty Night!

Dancing Ca
Dancing cat
Cute and fat
Wearing green boots
Whopping it up
With hollers and hoots
Dancing cat
You know
Where happiness is
Living in the moment
Enjoying hocus pocus
Dancing cat
In the know
Chattering it up
Going with the flow
Dancing cat
Dancing cat
Dancing the jig
At every gig
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mysterious Egg

Hi Everyone! It is 1 am. I had to wait till now to post my blog because my son had to post his blog first. I love having my son home on spring break. We have been hiking a 2.5 mile gorgeous hike 15 minutes from where we live every morning before I teach, so I'll have to make this quick so that I can get some shut eye. My blog tonight was inspired by a funny movie my son and I watched tonight. It was called 'Mr. Accident' featuring and written by Yahoo Serious. Very silly, but I enjoyed it.

Mysterious Egg

Mysterious egg
What is inside?
Nuggets of truth
A golden egg goose
Ladybugs from
Ambiguous lands
Pelicans with
Helicopter hands
A green robin
Waiting to escape
An elevator to nowhere
Carrying the
Mysterious Egg
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New York, New York - Part 2

Hi! Rather than posting a poem tonight I shall write about my New York adventure and post a new illustration I created instead. I just finished researching the year I went to New York, and I am amazed that it was so long ago - 2003. It seems like yesterday. I went to New York to participate in The Global Entertainment and Media Summit created by Steve Zuckerman.
It was located at the famous Le Bar Bat bar - now closed after much controversy. It took place at the beginning of March and I remember it was very cold and there was a lot of snow on the streets. The drummer from Hall & Oates, Mike Braun, hooked me up to stay at his old apartment in the Upper West side which was still unoccupied since his move to Seattle.
The owner of the apartment, a music composer, and his wife, a concert pianist, were incredibly kind to me during my stay.

I started my adventure every afternoon/evening by going to the conference. At the conference bar I usually met someone unique within an hour, and then we would go on an adventure.
The first night I met a couple from Staten Island. The man actually owned the club where the Wu-Tang Clan first began in Staten Island. I stayed with them at their house in Staten Island. He had a studio in his basement, and he introduced me to a drummer who had played with David Bowie and Lou Reed.
The next evening I sang karaoke at Winnie's in Chinatown with a lady who looked like Gilda Radner. It was very humorous. We were the only two caucasian people in the bar, and we were the only two singing karaoke. She would sing a Barbara Streisand song and then I would get up and sing a Joan Jett or Blondie song.
We played an authentic chinese dice game with the patrons and then my friend left and I hung out with the owners till I took a taxi home. Taking a taxi is how you get around in New York.
The following night I met a guy who at the time was Lou Reed's bass tech. We went to a bar in Hell's Kitchen. It was very scary. Very large polish mafia men hung out at the bar. Kindof like being in a club with the Hells Angels surrounding you. I was dressed in a sexy revealing dress. Did I say I was nervous? Yeah, I was. We then went to his place and listened to Primus. Okay, my very kind and generous apartment landlords gave me a lecture about calling them if I wasn't coming home that night. Alright already.
The next evening I went with a really cool reggae guy - huge 6'7" 300 lbs. all muscle, to an underground hip hop club. Okay, another scary scenario. I was the only white girl in a black club, and I'm not even sure what part of New York city I was in. The club was huge with a modern design. No one checked IDs or patted you down. Scary. Ganja smoke permeated the air. Heads of gangs with their crews would sit at a table and then whip out $500.00 for a bottle of Grey Goose. I remember them sharing their vodka with us. Sean Paul like music dominated the airwaves. I remember it was a strange scene because the guys were so cool they would just stand and move to the beat. I made it home alive, but I was a little concerned. Angels must have been watching out for me.
The following night I met a great couple who I'm still friends with, Johnny Young and his wife Michelle. Johnny was performing at the conference. It was the first time I hung at the conference for more than an hour. Johnny is a great guitar player, keyboardist, composer, and singer. He is also blind. Johnny has played with many notable artist. We went to Johnny's apartment studio in Brooklyn (I think?), and had a great jam. We recorded some funny song that we made up on the spot. Their apartment was a little dirty, and I spotted a trophy looking thing on a shelf. What is that I asked Johnny? Oh that is an Emmy. He had won an Emmy for music he composed for one of those soap operas? Guiding Light? One Life to Live? Oh, you get the point.
Since the conference was ending, I had made arrangements online before coming to New York to meet a music promoter with whom I had scheduled a gig with. We met at the famous Hogs & Heifers Saloon - bras hang from the ceiling. They were having a jam night there. I sat in and played the bass. They loved me and five people wanted me to join their bands (long commute from Seattle.) Anyway, the music promoter was young, cool, famous father, and good looking. Did I tell you that the bars stay open till 6 am. Okay, I was seriously suffering from alcohol poisoning at this point in my New York journey. We went to about three or four bars and then he drove me to his house (I don't know where? - I remember him pointing out that Bjork lived over there.) There was about four feet of snow on the ground and when we got to his house I lay down in it and I made snow angels. He had the most awesome Lou Reed collection so we blasted it on his stereo and jammed awhile to it. I remember playing an acoustic gig somewhere near New York city the next day. Not sure where I was? Lost in New York. I think I stayed another day till I flew home to Seattle. Made it home in one piece. I'm still alive to tell my tale. I thought the people of New York were incredibly kind, generous, and hospitable.
New York, New York.

New York, New York

Hi Everyone. I'm feeling very tired after my gig and I have a long teaching day tomorrow. I'm going to split my blog into half tonight and then continue it tomorrow. My posting tonight is inspired by this weeks Project Runway's show where the designers were influenced by different areas of New York city. New York holds a special place in my heart and I want to talk about it more tomorrow.
My father, who died when he was 49, took me to see Broadway plays in New York when we lived in State College, PA. My first "real" boyfriend I met while attending Penn State was from Long Island, New York. And, I took a trip to New York only a few years ago which I want to write about tomorrow. It was an amazing trip. The poem will continue tomorrow too - Nighty night.

New York, New York
New York, New York,
The Bronx,
And Staten Island
Taking the subway by day
Flagging down a taxi at night

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Fragile Dancer

Hi Everyone. I'm finally getting a chance to blog. My son, Michael, came home last night from college, and he is dominating the computer. My arm is still tingling and my son is worried it may be a sign of a heart attack or stroke. I guess I will go to the hospital if it continues. Michael and I were watching 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley tonight while I was writing my blog. Off to bed I have a long day tomorrow if I live.

The Fragile Dancer
The fragile dancer
Pretty ballerina
Pirouetting in the night
Jete, jete
Sissonne, sissonne
Performing an arabesque
One, two, three, four
Demi-plie glissade, glissade
Pirouetting in the night
The fragile dancer
Holds herself tight
Hoping not to break
The fragile dancer
Dances through the lonely night

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blurred Vision

Okay. I'm tired. I just got home from my gig with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding in West Seattle. Tim Turner gave me an awesome framed poster of the New York Jazz Festival 1981. Thanks Tim. I had a great time playing but my left arm keeps going numb and tingly? I've got to get up early tomorrow to get my car looked at, so nighty night. My horrible eye sight, which I think is the culprit of my headaches lately, is my inspiration for my posting tonight.

Blurred Vision
My blurred vision
Paralyzing me
I’m feeling scared
Traversing through the fog
Images appearing
I don’t understand
All of them fading
No one taking my hand
Silent pleas falling upon deaf ears
Wandering alone
In the blurred vision land
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Damaged and Broken

Hi everyone!  Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!  I forgot to wear green today, and I was only pinched once.  This poem is inspired by how I'm feeling. Hasta!

Damaged and Broken

I might be
Damaged and broken
I lost an eye and a limb
But I know
I’m still lovable deep within
I’m still as valuable and worthy
As that new teddy bear in the store
But I’m waiting a little longer
Till the right child comes
Through the door
A child who may be damaged and broken too
A child who can understand my scars
And love me true
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Kind Worn Hands

Hi. I'm feeling physically tired, but at peace tonight. Tuesdays are my longest days for teaching. Hopefully I'll get to work in my overgrown front yard garden tomorrow, and get some exercise. Off to bed, so I can hopefully get up early.

My Kind Worn Hands
Interpreting my thoughts
My kind worn hands
Creating my spontaneous art
My kind worn hands
Writing my impulsive poems
My kind worn hands
Playing the piano, violin, guitar & bass
My kind worn hands
Weeding my front yard garden
My kind worn hands
Praying at night
Meditating in the morning
My kind worn hands
My kind worn hands
I thank you
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Smelling Like Spring

Hi Everyone. Ah, finally a little break with two half days of work in a row. Yeah! Trying to take care of wonderful household chores: bill paying, dishes, vacuuming, laundry, feeding the snake, feeding the cat (still alive - amazing), etc. Here is my posting for today obviously inspired by the spring weather. I enjoyed creating the watercolor painting for todays posting. Bye for now.

Smelling Like Spring

Smelling like spring
Once again
Plum and cherry trees
Are sweetening the breeze
Around the bends
Robins are singing
In my backyard
And caterpillars are crawling
All over my car
Roses are starting to bud
And multi colored tulips
Are ready to erupt
Days are longer
The weather almost warm
Smelling like spring
A new year is born
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Monday, March 15, 2010

Gentle Shower

Hola! Sunday again already!!! From Thursday to Sunday I average about three to four hours of sleep, therefore by Sunday I'm brain dead from sleep deprivation. Okay, I'm always brain dead. I'm really happy that I get to sleep in tomorrow even with this spring ahead time change - YEAH!!!!! Why don't they coordinate the spring ahead with the spring equinox? Oh well. I just took a shower tonight. Yeah, even before I posted on my blog, and the shower is my inspiration for tonight's posting. Sleep tight, I know I'm going to.

Gentle Shower

Gentle shower
Flowing over me
Droplets of water
Hugging me
Warm water
Helping heal my soul
Renewing my senses
Back to being whole
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mighty Sinusitis

Hi. My head is pounding as my poem and title of this blog reflect. Taught lessons today and just finished my gig which thankfully was close to home. Spring ahead is occurring this morning so it is now 3:30 am instead of 2:30 am. I have to get up early tomorrow, so nighty night.

Mighty Sinusitis

Mighty sinusitis
Killing me
My head is pounding
Deep inside way above my knee
Migraine headaches ten feet wide
100 million ants
Break dancing
All over my sinus cavities
Oh ah
Cut off my head
Oh, ah,
Leave me a dead
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Friday, March 12, 2010

One Less Cat

Hi. My blog posting for today is inspired by my cat, Poe - short for Edgar Allan Poe, and Project Runway. I was teaching an early class today, after only a few hours sleep, and all I could think about was laying down for a quick nap before teaching a few more private students. Opening my bedroom door I was blasted with a horrible oder and my cat darting off between my legs. Hmmm. How did she get in here I thought? Searching for where the smell was emitting from, I finally found it on top of my bed. Cat soup sounds appetizing right now. Hasta!

One Less Cat

Fat cat
How could you
Do me like that?
Leaving me a smelly present
In a Godfather style
On my bed nonetheless
On top of my favorite black satin comforter
I’m looking into my crystal ball
And guess what I see
One less cat
For me to feed
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Lean Pockets Man

Howdy. It is almost 3:30 am Friday morning, so this posting is super dorky. Yeah, I'm letting my inner dork out. Today was full of little speed bumps. I taught my keyboard class as an after school program, then I taught a private student. On the way home to unload the ten keyboards and grab my bass for my gig, I ran into a serious traffic jam due to an accident. Ugh! What is usually a half hour drive took me about an hour and a half to get home, which means I was a half hour late for my gig. Loverly. Meditate. Meditate. Which means that I didn't get anything to eat until 3 am this morning. Okay, food has been on my mind for a while now. Off to bed.

Lean Pockets Man

Lean pockets
Mean pockets
My new main stay
My son introduced me to you
On a sunny Wednesday
Now you are
My favorite quick fix
Two minutes of microwaving
And we are ready to mix
Supreme pizza, turkey with ham,
I love lean pockets more than
Wishy washy spam
Such satisfying flavors
In my tummy they please
I love you lean pockets
Thanks for being there for me
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Girl in a Box

Hi. Even though my sinuses are still stuffed up, I'm feeling so much better emotionally. I love getting rest and spending some time with myself. Yeah. This blog poem is inspired by my watercolor painting I created tonight. Buenos Noches.

Girl in a Box

Girl in a box
Trapped by repetitive thoughts
All she is
Is what she is thinking
For an epiphany
As to how change
These ruminations
Creating freedom
From these redundant cognitions
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sleepless Dream

Howdy! I'm still feeling worn down, but I would like to think I'm mending and on my way back up. I finished teaching piano and violin lessons today about two hours ago, and after this blog posting I'm off to bed for some restoring dreaming.

Sleepless Dream

I had a sleepless dream
Last night
In my dream I saw
A strange colored light
Listen to my inner voice
Ignore false pleas
From those who aim
To destroy my peace and quiet
Listen to my
Woman’s intuition
Not to excuses from those
Whose actions
Never come to fruition
Listen more
To the spirit within
Take a breath
Begin again
Paint a brighter future
In your night
Listen only to your inner light
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green Smiles

Hi. I missed watching the 2010 Oscars last night (as in Sunday the 7th of March) because I was playing a gig. Bummer!!
I really love watching movies, it is one of my few escapes. When my mother passed away, my son and I watched a different movie every night for about a year. I'm feeling happy today because I only had to work one job instead of two. Yeah. I'm late posting this blog because I took a much needed nap. Mmmm, naps are my friends. This blog posting is inspired by watching the rerun of Project Runway that I missed Thursday due to playing a gig. Make it work. Hasta!

Green Smiles

Green smiles
Help me through
My miles
Of pretending to be happy
When I’m really tolerating
What I must do to survive
Bored out of my mind
Trying to find the time
Where I can change
My scene
To a place where
I can enhance my talents
Instead of hiding them away
But for now
I smile my
Green smiles
All the while
Setting my sites
On a more satisfying life
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Monday, March 8, 2010


Hi. Getting home from my gig, and I can't breathe or see at all due to allergies. Therefore I will post twice tomorrow.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Desperately Seeking ZZZZZs

Hi. Arriving home from my gig a few minutes ago, I realize I'm beyond exhausted. I've been on the go and working for almost 20 hours today. I'm posting my blog even though I'm tired because I love having a creative outlet. Buenos Noches Amigos.

Desperately Seeking ZZZZZs
Desperately seeking zzzs
Before I break down and sneeze
I’m sleep deprived
To a dangerous amount
I may not come back
To the here and now
Exhaustion from the daily grind
Wish I could find some relief
And peace of mind
Wish I could find a wizard or two
To wave a magic wand
And help me through
Desperately seeking zzzzzzs
Good night
Copyright 2010 - LAM