Saturday, July 30, 2011

Charcoal Drawing - Bellevue Arts Festival

Hi everyone, I will be playing my first acoustic original gig with Michael, my son, playing violin, and Carol on percussion in five years. It should be fun. It is a nice sunny day here in the Seattle area, so I'm ready to burn. We will be playing at the Bellevue Arts Festival Saturday (today) July 30th from 4 - 5 pm. Here are two sites where you can here my music and fan me if you like - Reverbnation - Laurie Miller Band, and my Facebook fan page - Laurie Miller band.. My son finished the layout of my art site, Laurie Miller Modern Art, and he did a great job! Off to get ready for the gig!! Have a Nice Day! xxoo Laurie

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rose with a Hand

Hi Everyone! It is sunny and warm here in the Seattle area. It is supposed to get up to 80 degrees today. I know we are extremely lucky that we are not frying in the east coast heat wave. Stay cool sister!! Terrible news concerning the Norway shooting incident.
My thoughts go out to them. I had a fun gig playing with Hans and company last Friday. Sounded great with the new drummer, John, and Doug on sax. I'm getting geared up for the gig next Saturday at the Bellevue Arts Festival. I'll be playing an hour acoustic set of my originals featuring my son on violin and Carol on percussion. I dropped my cell phone in water on Friday, so no microwaves frying my brain for a couple of days. This is probably a good thing. I wonder what the human cell phone brain is starting to mutate into? I'm including a new miniature acrylic painting I created last night with this posting. My son and I should be done with my new temporary art site by sometime this week - We have about four or five more categories of art series left to complete. Onward to get some housework done before teaching. 'Have a Nice Day' - xxoo, Laurie

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green Hills
Hi everyone, time flies when you're having fun. Okay, when you are still working 24/7/365. Currently Michael is a tremendous help when it comes to getting my Facebook Fan page promoted, updating my art site, and helping to get my music out in general. He is also going to play violin with me at the Bellevue Arts Festival - Saturday, July 30th at 4 pm. Carol will be joining us on percussion. It should be fun. This will be the first original gig I've played in awhile.
Here is the link to my Facebook fanpage: Laurie Miller Facebook fanpage. To become a fan, go to the page, and PUSH the 'Like' button. Thanks for the support.
I'm also getting all of my art prices reposted to my new art web site that Michael is building for me too. We are still building the site, and we have four more categories to complete. We are also going to include a new category of miniature acrylic paintings - $20.00 each. The art with this posting - Green Hills is one of the miniatures for sell.
I know I have more to say, but I'm fading. I'll post sooner next time I promise. Nighty night. xxooo Laurie
My song Take My Hand is linked to this blog posting.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happpppy Fourth of July!!!

Hi Everyone! Happy Fourth of July! I had a lovely 15 hour day of working yesterday, so I'm a bit out of it. I taught music lessons all day, and then I played a gig (with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding at The Lighthouse) in the evening. Off to play a private party Fourth of July gig soon. I guess I should take a bath? I painted this quick acrylic painting this morning. Michael and I are making great progress and getting things organized around the house, so I should probably have my studio up by next week for sure (odds 10 - 1). Oh yeah, Michael and I had a wonderful trip to Mount Rainer on Friday. One thing we didn't expect though was how much snow was still there. We drove to the Paradise area to take a hike, but there was a need for snow shoes to commence on any hiking. Snow was still about 12 feet high. Gotta get going! Have a nice day!!!