Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone.  I hope that everyone is safe, happy, and healthy.  I played a gig last night, Christmas Eve at the 13 Coins in Sea Tac.  It was a fun gig with Tim Turner on guitar and Billy Spaulding playing drums.  Tim dressed up as Santa half way through the gig.  Last weekend I played with Scott Rosburg (guitar/vocals) and Rick Spano on drums. I'll soon be enjoying Christmas dinner, my son and his fiance (Stephanie) are cooking it for me (lucky me).  Mmmm, it smells great!  I painted this at 3 or 4 am, a quick acrylic painting of a poinsettia last night.  I have 'I'm Dreaming of a 'White Christmas' linked to the title and here.  Always a favorite Christmas song of mine.  I get to see my sister tomorrow in Vegas.   Yeah!
I'm off to eat and to see if Santa brought me anything?  xxoo Laurie

Friday, December 16, 2011

Chair and Vase

Hi Everyone,

  Yes, I'm still alive, and I'm covered in a new coat of mold.  It is lime green this time.  This is my first break, only one student to teach today, in a couple of months.  I have been busy doing positive thing, even if I haven't had any time to paint (wah, wah).  I painted last night though.  I forced myself to get started. To shift my brain back to the right side. It was 3 am when I started, and it is a quick acrylic painting of a vase of flowers and a chair.  I will be updating my art site with my miniatures and paintings from the previous few months by next week - .  
   First, I played a GoGirls Festival at Eddie's Trackside in Monroe.  Michael, my son, played violin with me, and Carol played percussion.  It is soul full filling to play my original songs again.  Writing music, painting, writing, creating in any form brings me joy.  I'm in the moment, and I feel like I'm living my destiny.  

Anyway, the GoGirls Festival was a wonderful event, and I met some wonderful talent: Ronnda Cadle, Heidi Swan, Jean Mann, and Christine Havrilla.
  Next, I played a fundraiser at The Vera Project for Ruby Smith, my 17 year old bass student who is beating cancer.  Here is a link to her journal
  Finally, I held my fourth annual Christmas recital for my music students.  It was a wonderful event as always.  Their energy is so positive and they are all so talented.
  I'm #4 on the Rock charts in Seattle on Reverbnation now.  How exciting!  There is some great music on the Reverbnation site if you get a chance to check it out.  Here is my link:
  I'm still updating my Facebook Fanpage.  If you want to 'Like' it great.  Let me know by sending me a message or email and I'll 'Like' your page back:
   Thanks so much for reading, looking, and listening.  Have a nice day! Laurie

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stormy Seas

Hi Everyone, I'm going to post my famous 'quickie' today, because I have to leave to teach music in five minutes.  I wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive!  "I'm still breathing!"  Busy, busy, busy with a ton of left brain decisions to make.  I did paint this quickie small acrylic painting this weekend, and I've been working on new lyrics for a couple of new songs and the B section for an instrumental piece.    I'll be updating my art site - soon within the next two weeks, since I have about 20 new miniatures to add.  I'll post more this week.  Have a nice day!  xxoo Laurie

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Father's Birthday and Steve Jobs Dies

Hi Everyone! I'm back again. Wednesday, October 5th, would have been my father's birthday. Unfortunately he passed away of a sudden heart attack when he was only 49 years old. He was an amazing man, and I remember moving to Palo Alto twice, two years apart, so that my father could work on his Ph.D in Sports Medicine at Stanford. He was inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame. He had also been a trainer for the USA team Winter Olympics, and he was the president of NAIRS which was located at Penn State. I wrote this song on Wednesday in memory of him - My Father's Song. Unfortunately on Wednesday, Steve Jobs died. What an amazing creative genius Steve Jobs was! What a loss!
Ruby, my bass student is always in my thoughts, and you can read about her journey to heal from cancer at her online journal link Caring Bridge/Ruby Smith.
I'm really enjoying getting back to writing songs again. The song I've linked to this post is written for piano/violin, but I haven't found a good violin midi sound yet. My son played it on his violin for me, and it sounded great. I will soon have my instrument inputs set up so I will have a real violin sound recorded.
I painted the acrylic painting 'Hat and Coat' last night too. I'm getting excited to focus time on my painting too.
I'm sure that I'm in need of some sleep,
so nighty night. xxoo

Friday, September 23, 2011

American Boy

Hi Everyone! A quick post to show the variations I made to the acrylic painting for Susan Bellone's 'American Boy' album cover.

If you want, leave a comment and let me know which layout you like the best.

My art is still displayed at the Puyallup Fair till Sunday Sept. 25th. Here is a link to my art web site - Laurie Miller Modern Art.

It is a very warm day here in the Seattle area. I'll soon share a new song and picture that I'm working on.

Have a nice day! Laurie

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yellow Wind

Hi Everyone! I'm readjusting to my back to school teaching schedule. Fortunately I'm not playing as many gigs, yeah. Don't get me wrong I love playing the bass and I like the musicians I play with, but when you work seven days a week 365 days a year being in a bar is the last place I want to be. It is a rather negative environment. Hopefully, I can make enough money with my creations so I can move on to a different level of presenting my music which isn't limited to bars.
   My bass student Ruby is still fighting cancer and we hope to have a fund raiser soon. I'll keep everyone posted, and in the meantime you can read Ruby's journal.
  I still have art work displayed at the Puyallup Fair. I will have to write more soon, since I'm a bit tired.
I stayed up till about 7 am painting an album cover. Once Susan picks which version she wants to use I'll share the picture in my next posting. The acrylic painting in this posting is a quicky I did this morning after the album cover called Yellow Wind.
   I'm still having fun with my keyboard recording input. I love writing a song and being able to record it immediately. Here is my latest piano piece I wrote for my son to use as backing music for his photography.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gray Skies

Hi everyone! A lot has happened since I've written. First of all, sad news; my bass student, Ruby, who is only 17 years old was diagnosed with cancer. Ruby is a wonderful intelligent person with an upbeat amd kind personality. She has learned music and how to play the bass at an amazing level - here is a link of Ruby playing 'Teen Town'. You can read about Ruby's journey to recovery from cancer and make a donation at her CaringBridge site. I visited Ruby once at Seattle's Children Hospital, but since last week I've been hit with a bad virus. Hopefully I will be well enough to visit her again soon. My prayers go out to her and her parents, Kate and Theo. You can visit Theo at Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe where he is a co-owner.
I painted this quick acrylic painting this morning. It reflects Hurricane Irene to me. I'm also always inspired by Project Runway - Season 9. Currently I'm working on a couple of larger paintings so, I may post WIP, or I may

wait till they are completed? I've also started to write a new piano solo song in the vein of my Inanna's Dream song. The link below is the book 'The Help' which is written by a fellow Phi Mu sister Katheryn Stockett. The book is now a movie, and I can't wait to see it. Off to finish errands, and then I have a gig tonight. Have a nice day! xxoo Laurie

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red Bars and Girl

Hi Everyone, I'm ecstatic that a new season of Project Runway has begun airing. Tonight the third episode is running, however I missed the first two episodes (due to work conflicts) so I watched the saved recordings this week. I'm in love with fashion and creativity! How many of you enjoy Project Runway? My dream is to, some year, attend Fashion Week in New York. I started designing a few dresses this year..... I dropped art off at the Puyallup Arts Festival last week, and I'm waiting to hear back which pieces were juried into the show, if any? I'm still refining my art site a bit, but Michael, my son, did an awesome job of getting the basic layout completed:
Thanks ahead of time for looking at the art site.
I'm still getting my Facebook Fan Page out there too, so if you get a chance go to the page - push 'Like'.
Also, you can check out my Reverbnation page, which I am currently #8 on the Rock charts for Seattle.
I'm teaming up with a charity (whose mission is ending domestic violence in homes) where I'm donating a percentage of my CD sales and downloads. My song 'U Really Chose' was included on four CD compilations concerning domestic violence, and I played the 2005 'Take Back the Night' Festival at the University of Santa Barbara Festival which also dealt with domestic violence awareness.
I painted this small acrylic painting last night.
It is a beautiful day outside, so I'm off to see what magic occurs today.....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Red Dress

Hi Friends near and far,
I had a wonderful time playing at the Bellevue Arts Festival last weekend. Carol was great playing percussion, as well as Michael was great playing the electric violin. We had a stranger wanting to hire us for a private party, so we must have sounded okay.
It was very soul pleasing to play my original songs once again. Full circle. Back to where I belong. : ). Here are links to my music sites, Laurie Miller at Reverbnation, and my Facebook Fan page. Thanks for looking and listening, and adding as a friend if you chose. My son, Michael, won first place for photography at the Magnolia Arts Festival this past weekend too. You can look at his picture under this link - Run Down Gas Station. I'm including a miniature acrylic painting (I painted last night) called - Red Dress with this blog, and a link to my 'I Like You' song. I'm off to get my oil changed and teach. Have a Nice Day! xxoo Laurie

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Charcoal Drawing - Bellevue Arts Festival

Hi everyone, I will be playing my first acoustic original gig with Michael, my son, playing violin, and Carol on percussion in five years. It should be fun. It is a nice sunny day here in the Seattle area, so I'm ready to burn. We will be playing at the Bellevue Arts Festival Saturday (today) July 30th from 4 - 5 pm. Here are two sites where you can here my music and fan me if you like - Reverbnation - Laurie Miller Band, and my Facebook fan page - Laurie Miller band.. My son finished the layout of my art site, Laurie Miller Modern Art, and he did a great job! Off to get ready for the gig!! Have a Nice Day! xxoo Laurie

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rose with a Hand

Hi Everyone! It is sunny and warm here in the Seattle area. It is supposed to get up to 80 degrees today. I know we are extremely lucky that we are not frying in the east coast heat wave. Stay cool sister!! Terrible news concerning the Norway shooting incident.
My thoughts go out to them. I had a fun gig playing with Hans and company last Friday. Sounded great with the new drummer, John, and Doug on sax. I'm getting geared up for the gig next Saturday at the Bellevue Arts Festival. I'll be playing an hour acoustic set of my originals featuring my son on violin and Carol on percussion. I dropped my cell phone in water on Friday, so no microwaves frying my brain for a couple of days. This is probably a good thing. I wonder what the human cell phone brain is starting to mutate into? I'm including a new miniature acrylic painting I created last night with this posting. My son and I should be done with my new temporary art site by sometime this week - We have about four or five more categories of art series left to complete. Onward to get some housework done before teaching. 'Have a Nice Day' - xxoo, Laurie

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green Hills
Hi everyone, time flies when you're having fun. Okay, when you are still working 24/7/365. Currently Michael is a tremendous help when it comes to getting my Facebook Fan page promoted, updating my art site, and helping to get my music out in general. He is also going to play violin with me at the Bellevue Arts Festival - Saturday, July 30th at 4 pm. Carol will be joining us on percussion. It should be fun. This will be the first original gig I've played in awhile.
Here is the link to my Facebook fanpage: Laurie Miller Facebook fanpage. To become a fan, go to the page, and PUSH the 'Like' button. Thanks for the support.
I'm also getting all of my art prices reposted to my new art web site that Michael is building for me too. We are still building the site, and we have four more categories to complete. We are also going to include a new category of miniature acrylic paintings - $20.00 each. The art with this posting - Green Hills is one of the miniatures for sell.
I know I have more to say, but I'm fading. I'll post sooner next time I promise. Nighty night. xxooo Laurie
My song Take My Hand is linked to this blog posting.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happpppy Fourth of July!!!

Hi Everyone! Happy Fourth of July! I had a lovely 15 hour day of working yesterday, so I'm a bit out of it. I taught music lessons all day, and then I played a gig (with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding at The Lighthouse) in the evening. Off to play a private party Fourth of July gig soon. I guess I should take a bath? I painted this quick acrylic painting this morning. Michael and I are making great progress and getting things organized around the house, so I should probably have my studio up by next week for sure (odds 10 - 1). Oh yeah, Michael and I had a wonderful trip to Mount Rainer on Friday. One thing we didn't expect though was how much snow was still there. We drove to the Paradise area to take a hike, but there was a need for snow shoes to commence on any hiking. Snow was still about 12 feet high. Gotta get going! Have a nice day!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pensive Face

Hi Everyone, I thought I would try to get a least one more posting to my blog before the end of June. I'm making progress getting projects completed. Finally! Yeah! My son helped me get my Facebook Fan page set up and promoted. If you get a chance, go to the Laurie Miller Fan page (I've linked it here), and push the 'Like' button. Since I did spend a fifth of my life in the studio recording songs, it feels good to finally get my songs out to the public. Thank You! xxoo We should have my studio set up by next week. I painted the painting linked to this posting this morning. I've also linked a song I recorded in the Bay Area called Nasty Weather. I'm planning on painting my large scale acrylic Modern Expressionist paintings starting next week. Hopefully I can have an art show in the fall.
I also have my music up at Reverbnation - if you get a chance, check it out. I'm off to bed early, super long day tomorrow. Nighty night, xxxxooooo Laurie

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Arty Art

Hi Everyone! Okay, I know I've been slacking with my posts, but hey, three words: busy, busy, busy. I have two art pieces showing at the Edmonds Arts Festival this weekend, June 17 - 19. The Piano Teacher drawing, and the acrylic painting Four Flowers and Two Hands are part of the juried gallery. My art shown at the Edmonds Arts Festival is available to buy at the show. Art pieces from my new Modern Expressionism series are still hanging in the group show at Couth Buzzard Books till the end of June too. SALE! Half off my prices at the Couth Buzzard Books show, only two more weeks! Check it out if you get a chance! This past weekend was hectic with my son's graduation, my music students recital, and still teaching lessons all weekend. I'm making progress toward my goals this week. My son and I have been hiking a steep trail every morning, and I can finally fit into my size 3/4 leather pants again. Yeah! It has been a long journey getting back in shape, and overcoming the trauma that initially produced the stress hormone. Good thoughts and peace! My song 'I Like You' was played this morning on Live365 Internet Radio- Seattle ROKKX. I also have my music posted at: Reverbnation site. Off to my busy day! xxxxoo Have a Nice Day!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reflecting Life

Hi Everyone! Okay, so it has been more than a few weeks since I've posted. I admit that I've been procrastinating with this blog posting because it deals with the death of my Uncle Bill. He was my only older blood relative left. My Uncle Bill was my mother's brother. He was the biggest influence on my life concerning playing music and pursuing the arts. My uncle had received a scholarship to Juilliard, but instead he studied mathematics graduating Phi Beta Kappa and became an actuary. He left his piano at my mother's house, and I played the piano every chance I could. I loved playing classical music, Joplin, Debussy, and writing my own music. My uncle also painted, but he never painted when people were around. We had some of his amazing paintings hanging in our house however. Thank you Uncle Bill for all your gifts you shared.
This weekend my awesome son, Michael, is graduating from college (Central Washington University) - double major - Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science with Honors, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration Specialization Finance, and a Minor in Economics. Also, this weekend, on Sunday to be exact, I will present my music students recital. I'm trying to breathe a little right now. Next week I'm taking a day off no matter what! I've linked Frédéric Chopin - Prelude in E-Minor (op.28 no. 4) to this blog, because my Uncle Bill loved to play Chopin. The painting posted with this blog is a quick five minute acrylic painting I created last night. xxxoo Nighty night.

Reflecting Life
Trying to remember
A life that once was
Always remembering
To take back my life
To reflect who I really am and how I feel
Because, life will reflect back
How I feel about myself
Copyright 2011 - LAM

Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of The World

Hi Everyone! I guess we survived Judgement day. I was looking forward to a nap. Oh well. Here is a link for anyone who is interested in the doomsday predictions: Judgement day! I had a fun gig last weekend playing with Scott Rosburg (Striker), and Rick Spano (Randy Hansen's drummer). I am a little more deaf now as a byproduct of the gig. Two pieces of my art - Piano Teacher -drawing, and Four Flowers and Two Hands acrylic painting were juried into the upcoming Edmonds Art Festival.
It is held June 17th, 18th, and 19th. There is a link under the name Edmonds Art Festival. My other Modern Expressionism art is still hanging at Couth Buzzard Books. I've decided for this month to sell my art that is hanging there for 50% off the larger pictures and 30% off the smaller pictures and print. I have cards to sell there too. I'll be updating my Laurie Miller Modern art site this week, and Betty is still working on my official new art site. I can't wait to see it. I've currently been having a lot of fun on a new music site that I joined a couple of weeks ago called Reverbnation. It has a lot of my songs from my current CDs and my Missing Children band posted there. I also was recently listed at the MySeattleNightOut site.
I'm under the Punk category for bands, which I wear well. I have some more news updates, but I'll write again - sooner next time I promise. Nighty night xxooo

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday drawing

Hi Everyone! It is my birthday. I was really hatched from some type of now extinct egg a few million decades ago, and then yes, I was bitten by a vampire. I do live at night, and I wander the streets looking for rats. I'm posting the other drawing I started last week, but I've been a slacker and I haven't finished it yet. I really want to get back to my Modern Expressionism acrylic painting series. I have visualized some new paintings I can't wait to complete. Some of my new Modern Expressionism series and my Modern Surrealism series painting are still hanging at Couth Buzzard Books in Greenwood. If you get a chance check out the store.
If you get a chance, check out my new music site at Reverbnation.
If you want to give me a present you can buy a .99 song. : ) Thank you!
I've linked my Have a Nice Day! song to this posting.
I'll be playing with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding at the Rim Rock in Lake City Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and The Lighthouse in Des Moines on Sunday. I'm off to teach some lessons and wander the streets. Love, Laurie xxoo

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Piano Teacher

Hi Everyone! I started this drawing - Piano Teacher- earlier this week. I was hoping to complete it (not quite) and enter it into the Edmonds Art Festival (which I did anyway - incomplete and all). Speaking of art, my art is still part of the group show at Couth Buzzard books in Greenwood. I have cards and my art on sale there. Take a look if you get a chance. I didn't have many spare hours to complete the Piano Teacher drawing, and I even drew (from 3 am - 5 am) after my Wednesday gig at the Rim Rock with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding. Bass wise I felt great at the gig, and I played a couple of solos I was happy with. I'm linking my Inanna's Dream song with this posting, since it as a solo piano piece it compliments the drawing. I recorded Inanna's Dream at a studio on an older grand piano in one take. I was still recovering from a car accident at the time I recorded this song, so at the beginning my left hand is a little weak. The song has seven movements. I hope to get a chance to record it again, and orchestrate it. I wrote the different parts at different times, usually when I was feeling intense emotions. Inanna is the Sumerian Goddess of love, war, sexual love, etc.
I'm very tired, so.... nighty night. xxoo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Utterances of Blue

Hi Everyone! I know I've been slacking with my blog postings, but my body has been fighting allergies and fatigue. I played gigs last week with Tim Turner on Wednesday, and Granite Reign on Friday. I'm still preparing for my original music acoustic gigs, and I plan on booking gigs soon. I'm focusing this week on finishing a couple of drawings by Friday to enter into the Edmonds Arts Festival. My modern expressionism art is still part of a group show at Couth Buzzard Books . Check it out if you get a chance. My new art web site is finally in the process of being built. Yahoo! I can't wait. I'm really enjoying reading about the Expressionist and then channeling this style. Very soothing to my soul. I'll be at the Rim Rock in Lake City with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding again on Wednesday, so come on out and dance if you get a chance. My poem today was inspired by the word 'utterance' which was provided to me by my friend Carol. I've also linked my song 'Crawling' to this posting. Have a nice sunny day! xxoo

Utterance of blue
Utterances of blue
Falling over you
Time to break free
From the likes and dislikes of others
Time to be true
To your views
Changing the utterances of blue
With a new wind blowing through

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shoe For Nose

Hi Everyone! I'm feeling a bit tired because I'm still adjusting to the mid week gig where I don't get home till 3 am and I usually fall asleep around 5 am. It is an enjoyable gig though, and I'm playing with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding at the Rim Rock in Lake City. Currently I'm recovering my energy so that I can accomplish my new goals. I'm posting in this blog a quick pen and ink drawing, a quicky poem complimenting the drawing, and a link to Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No.3 (Orchestrated by Debussy).
Nighty night. xxoo Laurie

Shoe for a Nose
Shoe for a nose
Diamonds adorning my toes
Impatient for a change
Tired of the same

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yellow Candy

Hi Everyone! Yesterday was a very long day, running from teaching one lesson to another and then straight to a gig at The LIghthouse in Des Moines, WA with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding. In so much as, I didn't have two seconds at home to write my poem, and I was way too brain dead at 3 am when I arrived home after my gig. Today, as in April 4th, since I haven't gone to sleep yet, is when my father passed away. I talked about him last year, but to quickly reiterate, he died at the age of 49 years young. He was an associate professor of sports medicine at Penn State and the president of the National Athletic Injuries Recording. This unrelated weird poem popped into my head this evening, and then I created this quick pastel to illustrate it. Really tired so off to bed. Nighty Night xxoo

Yellow Candy
Sucking on a piece of
yellow candy
Feeling the flavor
Coat my tongue
Wallowing in the sensation
Never wanting it to end

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Invisible Woman

Hi Everyone! Off to my gig. Another quick poem, and then I plan on painting and drawing all week long.

The Invisible Woman
The Invisible Woman
Standing in the middle of the street
Tears falling from her head to her feet
Wondering when this comedy will change
Bringing about relief from her pain

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool

Hi Everyone! I know it has been some time since I've posted once again. What can I say, work, work, work, till my fingers bleed.
I am finally hurdling over a few stumbling blocks - yeah! I still have a couple of marathons worth of change to complete, but at least I'm starting to crawl in some direction. April Fool's day, used to be the day that a trickster like me really created a chuckle for myself at the expense of others. Then my mother passed away on April 1st, and she got the last laugh - dang it! Okay,
I'm going to take the April - Poem a Day challenge, and I only have a couple of minutes till midnight. Here goes a quicky poem,
I promise to give myself more time to write in the future, and I will add an illustration - or art, and maybe music in the future too.

April Fool

Corn fields and clouds
I remember when I was four
starting out in the middle
of Indiana
Moving to the brown hills
of California when I was five
Back to Indiana when I was six
Once heading west to California
My dad was working on his Phd at Standford
That is the why to all of our early traversing
Back to Indiana
Then to Washington
Finally high school in Pennsylvania
And a college degree at Penn State
Back out to California
A degree in design from art school
Up to Washington to live with my mother
while I was a single musician artist mom
Mom passes away on April Fool's day
I'm dizzy. How about you?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black Tears

Hi Everyone! Even though I've only had a couple of spare hours this past week, I painted a quick acrylic expressionist/abstract inspired painting reflecting the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I'm going to give half of my art and music sales to the Red Cross Japan earthquake relief: You can still find my new art hanging at Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe. My heart goes out to Japan, and may healing occur quickly. I also recently found a track, Black Tears, which I recorded when I recorded my Fornicated Infinity album in the Bay Area in 2000. Randy Hansen is playing guitar on this track, and a rapper named Poison raps in the middle of the song. I have finally figured out how (or more specifically where) to post my songs so that I can link them to my blog and other sites. You can find the 'Fornicated Infinity' album at cdbaby, and the single of Black Tears will be available there soon too -
Fornicated Infinity
I've got a gig tomorrow, so off to bed. xxoo Laurie

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Door to Strangeness

Hi Everyone! The reason why I haven't posted in awhile is because I have been lost in the Himalayas. I was almost eaten by a Bengal tiger, and I was bitten by a pit viper. Thank God I am home safe, and I'm healing rapidly. Since my adventure I've played a lot of gigs - Twilight Zone. I wonder when I can get off this roller coaster and begin working on my goals solely once more in my life. I finished this acrylic painting tonight which I started last week. The real picture is larger than the scanner, so this is only a cropped version of the painting until I get a full size picture of it uploaded onto my computer. I think some of my new (since January 2011) expressionist inspired paintings are still hanging at Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe - 8310 Greenwood Ave N.
I may write a poem to partner with my painting, but it will have to wait till tomorrow.
For now this video link compliments the picture well.
Three Strange Days - School of Fish

Nighty night. xxoo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Four Flowers and Two Hands

Hi Everyone! I know it has been a few days since I've posted, but my teaching load has increased, and I've been feeling rather fatigued lately. Belated 'Happy Valentine's day' to everyone! I revamped my picture of the posies, because this finished picture is how I envisioned it, but I didn't have enough time to finish it before. It is an acrylic painting, and it is much larger than my scanner. So, I will have to wait till my son comes home from school to take a full size picture of it. My other new expressionist inspired paintings are still hanging at the group show at: Couth Buzzard Books - Espresso Buono in Greenwood. I have a super long day tomorrow and a gig tomorrow night with Granite Reign. So, night night.
ps: My student, Elaine, turned me onto the beautiful music from the Okami game - This is the piano version of The Sun Rises.

Four Flowers and Two Hands
Four flowers and two hands
Searching across strange lands
For that would be true love
That would be golden dove
That will bring happily ever after

Copyright 2011 - LAM

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prim Primrose

Hi everyone! I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted to my blog. What can I say, my clones haven't arrived yet.
Hopefully they will be here by next week. I was saddened to hear of the passing of L. J. Porter last week. She was an awesome singer and a great supporter of the blues- R. & B. music scene. I played some fun gigs with Bill Blackstone, Tim Turner, and Charles Mac at the 13 Coins the previous weekend - Jan. 28th & 29th. Feb. 5th I played with Granite Reign and the Feb. 6th with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding. I installed a few pieces of my art in the group show at Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe - 8310 Greenwood Ave. N. This weekend I'm excited to play with Scott Rosburg (Striker - Rosburg/Randall) and Rick Spano (Randy Hansen's drummer) up in Granite Falls at Los Flamingos.
We haven't played together in awhile, so it will be like a live rehearsal. We are going by the name of Helium.
Off to another day of teaching, working on some tunes, and hopefully painting. Have a nice day!
I've linked one of my favorite songs to this posting. I will add a poem later.
Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky - Romeo & Juliet Love Theme

Friday, January 28, 2011

Orange Sunset

Hi everyone! I was feeling a bit under the weather today, so I only taught the after school keyboard class today. I'll keep this posting short and sweet. The youtube link - is in celebration of Mozart's birthday - January 27th, 1756 - Mozart Symphony #40 in G Minor, K 550 - 1. Molto Allegro
After having taken a brief walk around my neighborhood this evening, I was inspired to paint this sunset picture and write the poem below.
Nighty night. xxoo

Orange Sunset
Orange sunset
Dipping into the angry sea
What quixotic thoughts
Have you painted
Will they curve the corners of lips upward
Or leave hearts forlorn
Copyright 2011 - LAM

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girl on a Towel

Hi everyone! It is so wonderful to have a few moments to breathe and think my own thoughts. Yahoo! I taught a few lessons today, and then I worked out some more. I'm getting back in shape, and when I set my mind on accomplishing a goal I usually achieve it. I also drew the layout for a new acrylic painting which is even larger in size than my previous paintings.
The picture with this posting is a quick oil pastel drawing a drew a couple of days ago, but I wrote the poem for it tonight.
I would have posted the picture sooner, but I misplaced it.
Sviatoslav Richter plays Beethoven Sonata No. 1 in F minor, op. 2, no. 1 (1/3) is linked to this posting. Nighty night. xxoo

Girl on a Towel
Girl on a towel
Working on erasing her scowl
By forgiving the thoughtless fowl
Who preyed upon her open wounds
Leaving her once more to swoon
At an invisible moon

Copyright 2011 - LAM

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hi everyone! I completed another one of my Expressionist inspired acrylic paintings last night. I have my first weekend off from gigging in months, and I'm really pleased to have a chance to take care of myself. It has been overwhelming teaching during the day, gigging at night, taking care of my house/bills etc. by myself, fitting in a couple of hours to paint here and there, and barely sleeping (barely 2 - 3 hours of sleep per night). Hopefully life will get easier to where I can sleep maybe six hours per night and I can have more time to take care of myself. I'm off to teach! Have a nice day! xxoo I've linked Bizet, "Les Toreadors" Carmen Suite 1 to this posting.

Crawling to an unknown destination
Pulled by alien forces
Hoping that somewhere below
I can find an easy escape
To a new place
Ruled by a kinder queen
Copyright 2011 - LAM

Friday, January 14, 2011

Girl Holding Egg

Hi everyone! I'm seeing cross eyed right now due to the fact that I'm beyond exhausted. This morning I had my yearly female doctor appointment. I do not like waking up early in the day, it throws my entire rhythm off. I then taught an after school group keyboard class and a couple of private lessons. The acrylic painting that I created tonight probably was subconsciously influenced by today's doctor appointment. What do you think? Nighty night. xxooo
I've linked Franz Liszt - Liebestraum - Love Dream to this posting.

Girl Holding a Blue Egg

It is as it is
Sitting on a mound
The girl with a blue egg
Is attacked by
An undeserving bore
Disguised as a snake
Her red bird of dreams
Escapes unharmed
To live a little more

Copyright 2011 - LAM

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hungry Cat Mouse

Hola! I'm still recovering from my sleep deprived weekend, so if there are mistakes - oh well. Besides, I can barely see the computer screen anymore. Everything appears a little blurry, I'm legally blind, so it is difficult to edit my writing sometimes. Yes, I'm a blind artist. The painting I'm including in the post is a quick acrylic painting I created tonight. I'm still working on the other two paintings that I started last week. I may not get a break till Monday to finish them however. The music I've linked is: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Symphony No. 25 in G minor. Nighty night. xxoo

Hungry Cat Mouse
Hungry cat mouse
Traveling through grassy seas
Looking for something gooey to eat
Smelling the flavored water
Accepting a quenched thirst till more
Hungry cat mouse
Slinking off to plentiful shores

Copyright 2011 - LAM

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Walking Dog

Hi Everyone! Let's hear it for the Seahawks! The Seattle Seahawks' beat the New Orleans Saints 41-36. I know it has been a few days since I posted, but I've been adjusting to a new schedule. Also, I tried to finish a new expressionism influenced acrylic painting, however it may take another day or two to complete. This weekend found me back in the swing of teaching all day and gigging at night. I played Saturday night North of where I live, in Granite Falls, and there was six inches of snow on the roads after the gig. It was rather treacherous driving home due to the fallen trees on the main road, and I'm glad my friend Ginger was riding with me to help me spot them. In this blog posting the painting is a quick impressionistic style of acrylic painting. I've linked one of my favorite american composers to this posting too - Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring. Nighty night. xxoo

The Walking Dog

The walking dog
Looking for a maiden
Strolling the sunlit park
At noon on a Sunday
Confident in his search
That what will be will be
Admiring a few flowers
Gazing in peace

Copyright 2011 - LAM

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cat Scratch

Hi everyone! I taught lessons from noon - 6 pm, and then I played a gig (an hour drive from my house) down in Des Moines hosting a jam with at The LIghthouse with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding yesterday. I didn't make it back home, since the jam ran long, till 3 am. Ugh!
The Seahawks beat the Rams 16 to 6 yesterday. Yeah! The play off game is January 8th, Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints. I woke up early today to make steak and eggs for my son before he left back to Central University. I taught some lessons this afternoon, and I woke up from a nap a little bit ago to paint this small acrylic painting and write this poem. I'm really looking forward to some new adventures in 2011. Nighty night. xxoo

Cat scratch

Cat scratch
One more time
Meaning derived
From friction inside
Time away
Will repair
The sideways cuts
Growing length wise

Copyright 2011 - LAM

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year!

Hi everyone! I played a fun gig, ringing in the new year, last night with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding. Since I want to post this blog on 1/1/11, okay 2011, I shall post my poem and then add a little painting I'm currently finishing. Nighty night. xxoo

A New Year

A new year
To overcome our fears
Wiping away past tears
To disregard the sneers
Listening only to cheers
Creating new music for appreciative ears
Painting a new world to appear

Copyright 2011 - LAM