Saturday, January 31, 2015

Go Hawks! Super bowl 49 - 2015!

Seahawks Kitty

Hi everyone,

Super bowl Sunday is here!  The Seahawks are a contender for the win a second year in a row!
Way to go!

I have been busy working on the evolution of my 'Rain Paintings' for almost two years now.
I'm really happy with the way the latest series of 'Rain Paintings' turned out when I added mettalic gold paint in the mix.
When creating the Rain Paintings I love the random element which lends itself to the 'one of a kind'  unique quality of the abstract paintings.  Art is after all the cumulation of one's choices and decisions.  For the artist part in the creation of the Rain Paintings, I choose what colors to put on the canvases, when, how much paint, and how long to keep the canvases in the rain, etc.  The rain, or mother nature, adds another random factor of how much paint is washed off or lightly blended together.
I have also started to recycle Rain Paintings from previous series.  The recycling element is creating a very beautiful attractive layering effect to the paintings.

'Marshawn Lynch Skittles'  - 30" x 40"

The two Rain Paintings which I recycled from previous series and turned into 'Seahawks Paintings' are the 'Marshawn Lynch Skittles' painting 30" x 40", and the 'Go Hawks' painting 30" x 40".
With the 'Marshawn Lynch Skittles' painting I first added water balloons and fluorescent colors.  Then I added about 3 -4 more layers of paint, and finally I added colored puff balls and colored fuzzy sticks.
The 'Marshawn Lynch Skittles' painting has turned into a vibrant, fun, lively painting.

'Go Hawks' - 30" x 40"
The 'Go Hawks' painting was originally a drip painting from the second series.  I added Seahawks colors to the painting during the NFC Championship game.  I have added more Seahawks colors paint to the painting about six times, and I will add the final paint tomorrow during the Super bowl.
The 'Go Hawks' painting is looking beautiful!

I have decided to triple my original prices on both paintings if the Seahawks win the Super bowl,
and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to a Women Against Domestic Violence cause.

Laurie Miller Art web site

Go Seahawks!!

Much love,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Belated Happy New Year!

           As I said in the title of this blog,
"Happy New Year!"
I hope you, as in everyone, are having a great year so far.

I've been very busy that past few weeks creating a new series of 'Rain Paintings'.
They look beautiful, and I am having pictures taken of them on Sunday.
I will be sharing soon!

My throat is finally healing from the endoscopy procedure I had last fall.
They found numerous ulcers and diverticulitis.  It was debilitatingly painful.  I'm glad to be healing from all symptoms, so I can get back to finishing my new CD, 'Listen People'.
I posted on YouTube the inspiring, 'Listen People' song.

Have a nice day!