Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Song - 'Give Up Me'

                                                             Hi everyone,
My blog postings have decreased from almost daily for a year to once a month.  Hopefully I will get back to posting more frequently.  Last month was a busy one.  I finally have my in-home studio up and running.  Here is the first song, 'Give Up Me' I tracked (vocals & guitar).  I still plan on producing a version of this song with some strings and a few other instruments added. In the middle of April I went to Los Angeles for the ASCAP Expo conference.  It was the motivating factor in getting my studio set up.   I plan on completing my new CD with my studio in July and August.  Another new song I recently tracked,  'What Does Bob Think?', placed Honorable Mention in the Song of the Year contest.  I was happy that it placed against completed (fully produced) tracks, when the song is only a rough and raw 'first take' vocal and acoustic guitar tracks.  I will produce 'What Does Bob Think?' this summer too, as well as the rest of my new songs.  I will be running a fundraiser to finish my CD and a series of paintings with Kickstarter starting next month.  This month is crunch time for my teaching business.  I have 20 students preparing for Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory - The Achievement Program exams this month, and then I have my student recital to prepare for.
  Eight of my nine art entries were accepted and juried into the Edmonds Arts Festival 2012 Juried Galleries.
  Continue to say your prayers and send positive energy for my 17 year old bass student, Ruby Smith, who is fighting cancer.  She is always in my thoughts.
  I will write more soon!  Have a nice day. xxoo Laurie