Friday, April 24, 2015

New fun song for your Friday!

Hi everyone!

I have always desired to play on the David Letterman show for a couple of reasons: 
we were both born in Muncie Indiana  (my dad has a scholarship in his name at Ball State - Sayers John Miller Jr. - he was a founding father of sports medicine - since his passing) and, 
I love the way David treats all of the musicians who perform on his show.

I know with less than a month till Dave leaves CBS it might be a long shot, but this song popped into my head only a few weeks ago.
I will be uploading a fun video featuring the song, 'I Want to Play on Your Show' -
this Sunday - April 26th (my birthday!).

This the first song that I wrote and play the ukulele on.  
I hope you enjoy listening to this fun lighthearted song!

Here is a link to the 'I Want to Play on Your Show' song:
I will have a video up on Sunday - April 26th - my birthday!

I also created a fun page for The David Letterman Late Show:

I'll be posting the video soon!
I hope you all have a nice day!