Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grits and a Frying Pan

Hi. The 2010 Winter Olympics ended today. I enjoyed watching the games every night. Canada beat the USA in ice hockey today 3-2 in overtime. The United States is number one in medal standings with 37 medals. My poem tonight is influenced by a TV movie I was watching earlier while paying bills called, 'Madea's Family Reunion.' The movie's overall theme dealt with what true love really is and standing up for yourself.

Grits and a Frying Pan
Sometimes in life
We need grits and a frying pan
Helping us through
Those difficult times
When we are too trusting
To those who manipulate us
With false promises
We need grits and a frying pan
Helping us stand up
To those who try
To devalue us
Through disrespectful actions
We need grits and a frying pan
Helping us forgive ourselves
And start all over again
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Scooby Doo Dress

Hola everyone. I'm feeling a little bit better - yeah! I'm still moving slow, but with some more sleep I may be back to normal soon- yeah! This morning, as in Sat. Feb. 27th, my student Carla informed me that Chile was hit with an earthquake. Wow, the plates are slipping. It was an 8.8 earthquake. An 8.8 earthquake releases 500 times the energy as the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. The death toll in Haiti is currently tallied over 230,000. Unbelievable! Today's blog is inspired by watching previously recorded Project Runway episodes which I've been missing due to the Thursday gig. Enjoy!

Scooby Doo Dress
Scooby Doo & ha ha ha
Hippity Hop
If you fall off a log
I kissed a frog
Wishing he’d be my prince
A frog he stayed
Now I just wince
Oh Scooby doo and la la la
Hippity hop
If you fall off a log
Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit - burb
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Purple Whale Gasping for Air

Howdy. My blog posting tonight, early this morning, is inspired by my ill health (on the mend) and my sheer exhaustion. I'm not trying to be a cry baby but having only one day off in six months is tiring. Maybe some day I'll get a break. It would be nice to be able to spend at least two days in a row being creative.

Purple Whale Gasping For Air
Purple whale gasping for air
What happened to you?
Doesn’t anybody care?
A beautiful orca you once were
But now you are deformed
Thrashed, bruised, pelted and punished
What happened here?
Did someone hurt you out of fear?
Poor purple whale
For you I’m crying sea tears

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Friday, February 26, 2010

An Elephant Stepped on My Head

Hi. This is going to be my quickest post so far. My head really is in severe pain and I only acquired one hour of sleep last night. The jam that I play host bass at with Tim Turner & Billy Spaulding ran over by an hour and a half. Getting home from my gig right now, I really need to score some sleep. I have another long day & night tomorrow. So, here is the poem and illustration I created in two minutes.

An Elephant Stepped on My Head
An elephant stepped on my head
Now it is pounding
And I wish it were dead
I hear Indian pow wow drums
All through my sinus cavities
And poison tipped arrows
Are emphasizing every downbeat
Ah shoot me please
And put me out of my misery
Help me, help me, help me
With my wheeze
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Been Working On My Taxes!

Okay, this is a super quicky posting. Yum yum. I'm finally feeling better, yeah! Now I'm under the gun to get my taxes finished by Friday morning, my accountant appointment. I have my son's college financial aid deadline on Monday and I need my income tax information to complete the form. Tomorrow I have to teach all day and then gig at night, so I will have to pull an all nighter to get my taxes done this evening/morning. My poem is to be read or sung to the tune of 'I've been working on the railroad'.

I’ve Been Working on My Taxes
I’ve been working on my taxes
All my long lived life
I’ve been working on my taxes
So the IRS won’t become my wife
I’ve been working on my taxes
To pay for government services
I’ve been working on my taxes
So the government can balance its budget
I’ve been working on my taxes
I hope I get a refund
I’ve been working on my taxes
I only owe my right thumb

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Missing My Number 1 Fan

Okay, I'm taking way too long of a break after teaching all day before I must start working on my taxes. I'll probably be up until six or seven am at this rate. Today's poem and illustration is inspired by the Canadian 2010 Winter Olympic skater Joannine Rochette. She lost her mother unexpectedly on Sunday. After the courageous skating of her short program, you could see how painful the absence of her mother was for her. I lost my mother suddenly a few years ago, and I can relate to how Joannine feels. Having someone special to share your accomplishments with makes the moment even more memorable.

Missing My Number 1 Fan
I’m missing my number 1 fan
You’re not at home
You’re not where I am
I’ve won my game
I’m the best I can be
But with out you to share
It means half as much to me
My win is overshadowed
With my feelings of loss
I miss you mom
My thoughts are with you
The universe they cross
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ice Dancing

Hi Everyone. I woke up only a few hours ago, and then I was lost working on my taxes. I still have several hours to go to complete my taxes. Anyway, when I woke up Ice Dancing was featured on the 2010 Winter Olympics and the Canadian team Virtue and Moir won the gold medal. The ice dancing was beautiful to watch. I'll finish my post then back to a few more hours of work on my taxes. Oh yeah, the pen and ink drawing I drew while watching the ice dancing tonight, and the other images were derived from tweakage (my word) that I did right now.

Ice Dancing in Unison
Which way to turn
Skating in unison
Lifting and spinning
Flowing backwards and sideways
Gliding, gliding, gliding
In perfect harmony with
The complementary music
Arms emoting feelings inside
Exciting footwork heating the ride
Lifting and Spinning
Up and down
Round and round
Hoping for a perfect skate
Faster and faster
Till the final peak
Ice dancing in unison
Once again
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Used Tooth Brushes

Hi Everyone. I'm still feeling sick. Not sure what is wrong? Had a fun gig despite my body's pain with Blue 55 at the New Orleans in Pioneer Square. I then taught lessons all day today. I'm amazed I'm still awake, so I'll keep this blog sort. I'm still enjoying watching different Winter Olympic events. USA beat Canada in ice hockey, yeah!

Used Tooth Brush
Used tooth brush
With bristles falling out
Do you live in fear
With a sinkful of doubt
Don’t let people spread their
Toxic green paste on you
Breakaway and
Be true to you
Remember your boundaries
Remember your dreams
Remember you goals and talents
Don’t fall victim
To jealous little schemes
Clean yourself off
And become self reliant
Appreciate the way
Your handle bends
Stop comparing yourself
To other brands
Forgive yourself
Not a little but a lot
Allow yourself another chance
To perform the tooth brush dance

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who Should You Believe?

Hi. I started this blog posting early this morning when I came home from my gig, but due to my physical pain/exhaustion from my allergic reaction to my medicine I never finished it. Therefore, I will create two post today. I was watching the men's downhill skiing when I started writing this post early this morning. I played a great rock n roll gig with Brainstorm last night. I finally get a day to rest before my gig tonight, yeah!! It is beautiful but cold out. It was 32 degrees and icy out when I drove home from my gig last night.

Who Should You Believe?
Who should you believe?
Believe in yourself
That is what all the great athletes do
They don’t live for the approval of others
Even though they receive it
They live to do their best
Who should you believe?
Believe the truth
Don’t allow false promises manipulate you
Don’t let temptations destroy your dreams
Stay true to yourself
Don’t forget your boundaries
Respect your talents
Who should you believe?
You should believe the inner you
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spinning in Strange Circles

Hi. I might have quite a few mistakes in this blog. I just got home from my Thursday night gig with Tim Turner and Billy, and I am feeling physically under the weather. I was even comtemplating go to the emergency room, but I called the Dr. instead. My muscles are aching with incredible constant pain and my throat is so sore it is hard to swallow. It feels like an allergic reaction to the Lovasatin, and even though I stopped taking it a couple of days ago the symptoms are getting worse. Anyway, I really love the Olympics and this blog was inspired by the men's ice skating that I could see on the TVs in the bar. I wrote this little poem while sitting at the jam, I was taking a break while other jammers played. If I can read my horrid handwriting then I'll post the blasted poem.

Spinning in Strange Circles
Spinning in strange circles
What does it take?
An edge of precision
Balance and integrity
As not to fall off you blade
Sliding into ecstasy
Then chaos
A wobble a slip
Into circles of mayhem
The only escape
Is to ask the right questions
To set a strange circle line straight
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dropping into the Halfpipe

Hi Everyone. This posting is inspired by the 2010 Olympic snowboarding halfpipe. American Shaun White won the gold medal today. Yeah. My one and only snowboarding experience occured about six years ago. An experienced snowboarding ex-boyfriend of mine took me to Stevens Pass for my snowboarding initiation. First he helped me down the bunny slope one time ( I really want to emphasize the one time), and then we were off to an intermediate slope, (it had a halfpipe on the run). As soon as we got off the lift, almost breaking my neck, the "ex" disappeared down the run leaving me all alone. Did I mention he is an"ex"-boyfriend. Anyway, I was freaked out and slowly made it to the halfpipe area. I spent about an hour watching great snowboarders dropping into the halfpipe with great runs. I decided to scoot on my butt down the rest of the hill, and I ended up with frosty the snowman attached to my rear.

Dropping into the Halfpipe
Sliding to the top
Taking a deep breath
Entering the halfpipe
Traversing the flat
Picking up speed
Ascending the transition
Backside 720
Riding a fakie
Traversing the flat
Ascending the transition
Alley Oops
Riding a fakie
Ascending the transition
Back to back double corks
Winning the snowboarding
Halfpipe Olympics
Taking a moment to breathe

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Slice of Pie Life

Hi Everyone. I'm feeling a little under the weather. Achy breaky sore all over. I pushed myself a little too hard last night. I ended up staying up till 6 am cleaning my kitchen floor, two bathrooms, four loads of laundry, and the rugs in four rooms. No I'm not on drugs, I was brain dead but still awake and needed to get something done. I loved watching the Olympic men's figure skating tonight. Some of the skaters exhibited beautiful flowing dance moves and great spins. My poem was inspired by my illustration, and my illustration was inspired by my sore body parts.

A Slice of Pie Life
A slice of pie life
Sweetened with adversity
Sprinkled with questions of whys
Adding more thickening agent
Will help assist in
Evolving the pie life character
Biting off more than you can chew
Spit it out quickly
And start anew
A slice of pie life
Tasting different to
Each connoisseur
Appreciate your flavor
Take your time and savor
Your very own special
Slice of pie life
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Monday, February 15, 2010

Plaid Fortune

Hola! I am writing this blog tonight with one eye open. I played my gig last night with Tim Turner & Billy Spaulding, and then my sister and I stayed up till 6 am so that she could catch her airplane flight home. I taught a few lessons this evening,
and now I'm posting my blog while watching the Olympics in the background. One of my favorite Olympic events, pairs figure skating long program, was shown this evening.

Plaid Fortune
Plaid fortune
What is my destiny?
Which square of color
Will unfold
Green, red, blue or gold
Kismet, karma, roll of the dice,
Plaid fortune
Will you change me life?
My checkered past wants to know
A lucky break
Would be favorable
Maybe then I could afford
To put some food
On my table
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chocolate Heart!

Chocolate Heart
Okey schomokey. Off to a gig. Happy Valentine's Day!

Chocolate heart
How do you melt?
In the mouths of many
Or savored by the taste buds of one
Do you leave your mess
All over the fingers of your lover
Waiting to be licked off
Or do you protect yourself from amour
With an extra coating of armor
Does a special surprise wait inside
Your luscious exterior
A cherry, a strawberry, maybe a flavored filling
Maybe you’re a craptacular nut
Waiting to be cracked
By a stronger heart
Chocolate heart
Who will feast on you?
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Flying Up the Downhill

Only a few minutes late with my blog tonight. Yippy kiyay. I had a Saturday night off from gigging - unheard of! So, we had a family game night while watching the Winter Olympics. Oh yeah, guess who was the winner of Monopoly - yes, ME! Yeah!
Back to spending the last few minutes with my sister before she goes back home to North Carolina.
Here is my Winter Olympics inspired poem.

Flying up the Downhill
Flying up the downhill
Sights zipping by
Blurring my eyes
Streams of air surrounding
My body
Hugging the dreams of
Flying up the downhill
Challenging all interlinked
Parts of myself
Flying up the downhill
Life freezing the
Whys of where I’ve been
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pain in My Neck

Howdy! Okay, I know I promised to put up an illustration and poem inspired by the new Project Runway, but I never received a chance to watch it today. The Winter Olympics opening ceremony is now taking precedence, and I had to teach music lessons earlier today. I love the Olympics, and growing up an athlete, (swimming, gymnastics, track, field hockey, volley ball, skiing, etc.), participating in the Olympics was a long ago goal of mine. My father had been a founding leader in the sports medicine field. As soon as I'm done with my blog posting, my sister and I plan on heading out on another adventure. My blog for tonight is inspired by my still present pain in my neck. My neck is throbbing even more today probably from holding my bass at my gig last night. Final note - Bummer about the Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili who died earlier today after a crash during a training run.
Rest in peace.

Pain in the Neck
I posses a pain in my neck
That is growing
By break neck speed
It is pounding in my ears
And I’m emitting black tears
The pain is rendering
My brain useless
Unable to focus on
Anything except
The continuous ache
And throb and agony
Lodged on the left side of neck
Turning me
Into a miserable wreck
Copyright 2010 - LAM


Hi! Earlier this week during a conversation between my sister and I, we created the word Craptacular. Therefore, Thursday's, February 11th, blog is dedicated to my sister, Kristie. I usually produce my Project Runway influenced blog on Thursdays, but I had a gig tonight and missed the show. I will watch the show tomorrow and create my Project Runway show then. Toodles.

Craptacular is
Spectacular plus a little crap
Special and smelly
Awesome and gruesome
Incredible yet inedible
The ying & yang all in one word
The spic and span of
Creative descriptions
When you hit the jackpot
It is craptacular!
When you hit the pot,
As in toilet pot
Wow, ain’t that craptacular
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inside My Eyelids

Alrighty, I'm a vampire and the night is when I walk the earth. I'm a little late with my blog, but I've been having a great time
doing things with my sister. Here is my hurried poem and illustration. My sister & I are off to more adventures and reminiscing.

Inside My Eyelids
Inside my eyelids
Life is strange in here
My thoughts buzzing around
And flinging themselves at me
Ideas crescendoing to
The forefront of the pack
Repetitive thoughts
Constantly attacking
Longing for a resting place
Sailing off to a new area
Causing mass destruction
Along the way
Everything is constantly changing
My cortex is no longer gray
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blueberry Brain

Hi. My sister & I were listening to the audio version of 'Change Your Brain, Change Your Life' by Dr. Daniel Amen while we were driving around running errands. As I mentioned in a previous blog, Dr. Amen believes that most behavioral problems are due to brain damage. In the section of the audio book we were listening to, he was specifically dealing with the deep limbic system and the connection to depression and negative thinking that comes from damage in that location. Also, stress can cause the deep limbic system to shut down. Kristie, my sister, & I thought deep limbic sounded like (okay, this is kind of dirty) limp dick. hee hee.

Blueberry Brain
I’m looking at a scan
Of my brain
It is appearing very strange
My deep limbic system
Seems to have shut down
Now I’m always wearing a frown
Seems I would be better off
To have a lobotomy
And goofy off
I would end up with
A blueberry brain
But maybe then
I wouldn’t be so insane
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Monday, February 8, 2010

Teeth With Fur

Hi. Busy as a bee. Super cheese. My sister inspired me with today's blog title. Talk to ye all soon.

Teeth With Fur
Teeth with fur
Occurs in the morning
When waking up
From a dead sleep
You realize you forgot
To brush your teeth
Ummm, ummm,
Sliding your tongue across your teeth
Yikesy Yucky!
What is this stuff?
Teeth with fur
What is growing there?
Teeth with fur
What is growing there?

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Be Bowl

Hey ye all. Yeppers, that is the official greeting from North Carolina. My sister, Kirstie, from N.C. is here - yippy k ay. We already took a 2.5 mile hike this morning before I taught some music lessons. We are watching the Super Bowl number 44 right now before I'm off and running to another gig. At this gig I'll be playing with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding at The Lighthouse club in Des Moines WA.

Who Be Bowl
Who be bowl
Of 2010
Saints versus Colts
Who will win
We saw Roger and Pete
Perform as ‘The Who’
They are still rockin and cool
10, 20, 30 yards to go
Touchdowns and field goals
Watch the score grow
Who be bowl number 44
Who will lose
Who will win
Soon we will know

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Post Shower

Hi. I feel and smell so much better. Yeah. On with my way too busy life. Hasta manana!

Post Shower
Post shower
I smell like the first day of spring
The flies are dancing
And the cat is singing an aria
Fit for kings
The snake is slithering
To the top of its cage
Funky odor is
No longer all the rage
I am no longer emitting pheromones
Belonging in hell
Out of the kennel
And back to Chanel

Copyright 2010 - LAM


Howdy, Okay, so yesterday I missed my first blog in my daily blog series. To make up for the missed blog, I'm going to have a pre-shower blog and a post-shower blog. I missed my blog yesterday because I had to teach an extra morning makeup session before my usual super busy day of teaching music and then playing bass for a four hour rock and roll gig. So, here goes the pre-shower short and sweet blog because I'm starting to smell pretty ripe.

I’m in need of a shower
Can you tell?
The flowers are wilting
And the cat
Is moaning a strange meoooow
The flies are falling
In a pile around me
The snake is burrowing itself
Two feet deep to escape the stench
The funky odor
That once was Chanel
Now smells something
Similar to hell
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Friday, February 5, 2010

Photos of Blue Tears

Howdy. I know I'm late posting, and I want to play the blame game. Yep, I think I'll blame my son, Michael, and my sister, Kristie. Ah, I feel so much better. My son & I were busy cleaning up the room that my sister is going to stay in, and there was no clock in that room to keep track of time. Okay, my cat ate my blog. Is that better. Project Runway night, therefore a Project Runway inspired dress. The design is material with photos/silhouettes on it. Ciao!

Photos of Blue Tears
Photos of blue tears
Smear my yesteryears
Memories seep to
My mind of
Both happy and difficult times
Photos of blue tears
I remember faith
I remember fear
Photos of blue tears
Blend the feelings
I savor and endear
Copyright 2010 - LAM

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bunny From a Hat

I'm going to sound like a broken record, but still too much to do too little time. Taught lessons, rehearsal, getting ready for my sister coming to stay, and had to run to the grocery store because my hungry son is coming home from college tomorrow.

Pulling A Bunny From a Hat

Pulling a bunny from a hat
Requires some skill
In that manifestation department
Which I’m still a novice at
Positive thinking
Focus my attention
Ut oh
Look what I did
I just manifested
A toad from my shoe
Well I guess it is a start
This strange art

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mouth Wide Shut

Howdy. I'm running out of time for my self imposed midnight deadline, so I'll make this fast. Here is my super quicky poem and illustration. Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow. Tweedles.

Mouth Wide Shut
Mouth wide shut
Eyes open closed
How strange it seems
In a world a glow
With grains of grass
And trees filled with bees
Flowers colored green
And purple colored streams
Mouth wide shut
And eyes open closed

Copyright 2010 - LAM

Monday, February 1, 2010

Whatever Doesn't Kill Ya!

Okay, I'm still alive. Barely breathing, but the ole ticker is still creating some kind of strange hip hop sort of rhythm. (music, hopefully soon, will illustrate this). I work seven days a week and I'm desperate for a break. I finished rubbing Pain Relieving cream all over my neck five minutes ago, so I temporarily feel better. Now, after posting my blog, I need to squeeze in a meditation session for mmmm at least 30 seconds.

Whatever Doesn’t Kill Ya!
Whatever doesn’t kill ya
Will make you stronger
Maybe I don’t want to be stronger
Maybe I like the strength I am
Stronger how?
Muscle wise?
Problem solving wise?
Character wise? (this is probably what “they” mean)
I wanna lay in bed
For at least a week
I don’t wanna be stronger
I wanna be weak
I wanna read my girrly magazines
And watch my favorite movies
I wanna bring some joy back into my life
Instead of proving if this age old phrase is right
Whatever doesn’t kill ya
Will make you stronger
Screw that
I think I'll take the easy way out
And live a little longer
Copyright 2010 - LAM