Monday, May 11, 2015

Fun Video - David Letterman - 'I Want to Play on Your Show!'

Good Monday Morning everyone!

We finished the video for the 'I Want to Play on Your Show!' song!
It features Bag Face Girlfriend and a few other friends.
David Letterman and I were born in the same hospital in Indiana.
Yes, I'm a hoosier!
'I Want to Play on Your Show!'
I've always admired how open minded David is towards all styles of music.
David Letterman also appears to always be genuinely kind and appreciative
to the wide variety of performers who play on his show.
There are only eight more days till David Letterman retires!
So, hey David Letterman, 'I Want to Play on Your Show!'
Check out the video and share with your friends if you like it!
Thank you, xoxox Laurie Miller

Top Ten List: Things We Like About David Letterman!

  1. Kindness to all his performers
  1. His Smile
  1. His Humor
  1. He’s From Indiana
  1. Paul Shaffer
  1. His Microphone on his Desk
  1. Stupid Pet Tricks
  1. Stupid Human Tricks
  1. Viewer Mail
  1. Suit of Velcro

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