Friday, December 16, 2011

Chair and Vase

Hi Everyone,

  Yes, I'm still alive, and I'm covered in a new coat of mold.  It is lime green this time.  This is my first break, only one student to teach today, in a couple of months.  I have been busy doing positive thing, even if I haven't had any time to paint (wah, wah).  I painted last night though.  I forced myself to get started. To shift my brain back to the right side. It was 3 am when I started, and it is a quick acrylic painting of a vase of flowers and a chair.  I will be updating my art site with my miniatures and paintings from the previous few months by next week - .  
   First, I played a GoGirls Festival at Eddie's Trackside in Monroe.  Michael, my son, played violin with me, and Carol played percussion.  It is soul full filling to play my original songs again.  Writing music, painting, writing, creating in any form brings me joy.  I'm in the moment, and I feel like I'm living my destiny.  

Anyway, the GoGirls Festival was a wonderful event, and I met some wonderful talent: Ronnda Cadle, Heidi Swan, Jean Mann, and Christine Havrilla.
  Next, I played a fundraiser at The Vera Project for Ruby Smith, my 17 year old bass student who is beating cancer.  Here is a link to her journal
  Finally, I held my fourth annual Christmas recital for my music students.  It was a wonderful event as always.  Their energy is so positive and they are all so talented.
  I'm #4 on the Rock charts in Seattle on Reverbnation now.  How exciting!  There is some great music on the Reverbnation site if you get a chance to check it out.  Here is my link:
  I'm still updating my Facebook Fanpage.  If you want to 'Like' it great.  Let me know by sending me a message or email and I'll 'Like' your page back:
   Thanks so much for reading, looking, and listening.  Have a nice day! Laurie

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