Thursday, November 11, 2010

Secret Wish

Hola! First of all it is Veterans Day! I personally want to say thank you to all the veterans of the USA. I know it has been the longest time I've had so far between postings, but I have my excuses all nicely hand printed on this 3"x5" card. Okay, first I've been fighting that awful bronchitis on the verge of pneumonia bug, second I've been teaching all day and then gigging at night at least 6 of the past 11 days (three different bands), it is really cold (I have to curl up in my warm bed), and finally pure burn out exhaustion. I'll let you in on a little insight to me, if you care, I never get bored. My mind is always thinking of a several new creative ideas to do every day while always thinking about my long term goals. Plus I create in many different media platforms i.e., painting, songwriting & performing music, and writing, and I'm always trying to find a second to master my crafts. Therefore, I really don't crave social activity, and I'm really happy when I finally get a chance to be alone with myself and think. I've linked Lola by the Kinks to this posting.
Nighty night. xxoo

Secret Wish
While drinking peach tea
I climb a slippery tree
Looking for my secret wish
In the shark infested sea
Maybe someday
On a perfect warm winter day
I’ll share what my secret wish does say
But as for now
I’ll meditate a long while
Till my secret
Circles back my way

Copyright 2010 - LAM

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