Sunday, November 14, 2010

Upside Down Butterfly

Hi everyone! Ohhh, I have a night off. Yahooey! Okay, I'll try to contain myself. I had another fun gig with Granite Reign yesterday. I taught some lessons this morning, and now I've been trying to catch up on organizing and just plain old thinking. Trying to find my own thoughts again. I still have tons of paper work to do, but oh well I think I'll get a couple hours of sleep tonight. Tomorrow, as in Sunday, I'm playing at a memorial for Charles White held at the Central in Pioneer Square. The Charles White band was the first gig I played when I moved to Seattle. The Charles White band use to host an awesome jam down at Larrys in Pioneer Square every Wednesday for, I think, 13 years. Many great players came and sat in i.e. George Benson, Buddy Miles, Lou Rawls to name a few. Charles was a charismatic front man. He had some great unique dance moves. Charles will be greatly missed.
Nighty night. xxoo

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Upside Down Butterfly
Upside down butterfly
Why don’t you glide
Why do you not feel
The purpose of your wings
Break free from that evil spell
An unkind wizard cast your way
Wash off your delicate wings
With prayer, love
And songs that angels sing
Soar once more on a soft breeze
Sharing your unique beauty
With the eyes of the world

Copyright 2010 - LAM

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