Thursday, June 16, 2011

Arty Art

Hi Everyone! Okay, I know I've been slacking with my posts, but hey, three words: busy, busy, busy. I have two art pieces showing at the Edmonds Arts Festival this weekend, June 17 - 19. The Piano Teacher drawing, and the acrylic painting Four Flowers and Two Hands are part of the juried gallery. My art shown at the Edmonds Arts Festival is available to buy at the show. Art pieces from my new Modern Expressionism series are still hanging in the group show at Couth Buzzard Books till the end of June too. SALE! Half off my prices at the Couth Buzzard Books show, only two more weeks! Check it out if you get a chance! This past weekend was hectic with my son's graduation, my music students recital, and still teaching lessons all weekend. I'm making progress toward my goals this week. My son and I have been hiking a steep trail every morning, and I can finally fit into my size 3/4 leather pants again. Yeah! It has been a long journey getting back in shape, and overcoming the trauma that initially produced the stress hormone. Good thoughts and peace! My song 'I Like You' was played this morning on Live365 Internet Radio- Seattle ROKKX. I also have my music posted at: Reverbnation site. Off to my busy day! xxxxoo Have a Nice Day!

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