Sunday, June 1, 2014

I'm Back!

Hi everyone,

 Well, it has been two years since I posted on my blog!

  Anyway, I don't want to get into all of the tiny details, but mainly I was emotionally drained due to the passing of my bass student Ruby, who had turned 18 years old a few weeks before.
I also have been working seven days straight for the past ten years with only one vacation, and about maybe one to three days off (usually because I was too sick to teach) per year (due to unexpected and unprepared for tragedies with no family help - and I was a single mom with my son still in school).
  I try to stay positive, but it sure gets depressing when creativity pours out from my very soul and I previously lived, studied, and breathed my passions for numerous years.   I can create music, art, poetry, whatever at the drop of a hat, and I'm hoping to become better at selling my artistic endeavors so I that I no longer spend hours a week not living my passions.  My health hasn't been the greatest the past few years either, and when I come home from teaching it takes every last scrap of effort that I have to take care of myself, my cat, and my home.
   Don't worry I generally have a positive outlook, and I keep buying lottery tickets, no, I mean I have an attitude of gratitude for what I do have in life.
  Also, I have been fighting back through my physical pain and fatigue, and I have been creating once again.  I'm very happy with the outcome so far.  I have created a few new drawings and paintings, and a series of 'Rain Paintings' (which my son and I are creating a documentary film for).
My art web site: Laurie Miller Modern Art
   Another big also,  new music recordings.  I really love my new tracks!  Sean Walker engineered and helped produce my new music, and he has done an outstanding job.  The songs have energy, they sound powerful, and they received 100% positive feedback from other attendees and big wigs at the ASCAP EXPO in Los Angeles in April of this year.  As soon as I finish my student's music recital at the end of June, I plan of finishing the new CD - and then massive promotion will occur.    The songs are awesome!  One person associated with a label said my new version of my 'I Like You' song is a Hit song.  Yeah!  My new music web site (still updating, thank you for your patience): Laurie Miller Music
  With this new posting I plan on sharing at least a new piece of art, music, poem, or some outpouring of creativity from me everyday.  We shall see?

Today I'm sharing a drawing I created December 25th 2013 called, 'The Christmas Dance'.  It will be shown in the Edmonds Juried Art Gallery, June 13th - 15th.  I do have a BFA in Design from CCA ( a top art school in California), and I did work at Landor (at the time the world's largest design firm) where I was doing computer graphics.  I have also have an extensive fine art resume - solo and group showings listed on my art web site.
  Hopefully I will be back again to post sooner than two years.  xoxo

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