Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rain Painting

Hi everyone,

Well, it has only been two days since my last posting- "Yahoo!"  I guess it is an improvement over the previous two year gap - lol.
  Here is my grammatical and writing errors disclaimer - I'm not a morning person - and it is 6:30 am!
Also, I'm legally blind (for real - you should try my glasses on!) and it is difficult to see the screen.
My darn cat woke me up - "Meow, meow, meeee - ow!"  Argh!  When will she ever learn how to feed herself? Where did all of the mice go?
  I'm feeling so much better today.  I have been fighting an intestinal bug for over a month now. It was really wiping my energy level out. I know I should probably go see a doctor, but ignorance is bliss.  I'm focused on healing myself for now.  I know I digress, but my brain does that.  I sometimes think in ten different directions at once.  Okay, not sometimes, all the time.  I have wonderful conversations with myself.  I was thinking yesterday that I feel successful in my spiritual evolution because I have arrived at a place in my life where I enjoy my own company.  Oh so anti-social of me, but true.  I love spending my time being positive, happy, and creative.

I'm sharing one of my beautiful 'Rain Paintings' from a new series I created in April.
I will soon describe in depth more about creating this series, but I'm getting sleepy!

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