Thursday, June 12, 2014

Art and Life!

Good morning everyone!  Even though I have sleep in my eyes and my thoughts are jumbled, if I don't post in the morning it never happens.
  One huge motivating factor for posting to my blog again is Facebook, where I was posting weekly, removed six months of my postings for every year I've been on Facebook without notifying me.  Gone.  Everything I thought about and shared was wiped out and gone!  Like a bomb wiping out a city.  A part of my history is now gone.  Oh well, I'm now a forward marching soldier into the world of blogging.  Even though my blog says I have 38 followers, it seems now that my blog is Google hosted, none of my followers receive my notifications when I post.  So I guess for now, until I figure out how to relink to my followers and to find other places to post, this blog will be my personal journal. Kind of cool!  I hope I don't rant and rave and spill too many beans. Lol!
  Okay, what is currently happening with me?   I'm finally feeling better, and yes I have a smile on my face.  I have been fighting an intestinal bug for a couple of months now.  I was waking up with horrible intestinal cramping and then severe diarrhea.  I would have to take four Imodium Ads in the morning to make it through my music teaching day, or to make it through my recording sessions in April, and even to make it through the conference I attended in LA, and then I would collapse at night.  It has made a huge dent in my energy level and in my ability to get things done.  So, yeah, I'm glad to finally be feeling better.  Now I have a ton of house cleaning and organizing, business, music business, art business, and social media to complete.
  My drawing, 'Christmas Dance', will be exhibited this coming weekend at the Juried Gallery of the Edmonds Arts Festival.  It is for Sale!  Yahoo!
  I'm getting ready to finish and release a new CD - I love my new tracks - they are the best ever!
I'm also planning on submitting for new gallery shows with my beautiful new 'Rain Painting' series, and finishing the documentary film associated with the 'Rain Paintings'.
You can view my art at my art site:

Thank you for looking and reading, and if anyone can tell me how to notify my followers or to link my postings, I would greatly appreciate it.


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