Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rose with a Hand

Hi Everyone! It is sunny and warm here in the Seattle area. It is supposed to get up to 80 degrees today. I know we are extremely lucky that we are not frying in the east coast heat wave. Stay cool sister!! Terrible news concerning the Norway shooting incident.
My thoughts go out to them. I had a fun gig playing with Hans and company last Friday. Sounded great with the new drummer, John, and Doug on sax. I'm getting geared up for the gig next Saturday at the Bellevue Arts Festival. I'll be playing an hour acoustic set of my originals featuring my son on violin and Carol on percussion. I dropped my cell phone in water on Friday, so no microwaves frying my brain for a couple of days. This is probably a good thing. I wonder what the human cell phone brain is starting to mutate into? I'm including a new miniature acrylic painting I created last night with this posting. My son and I should be done with my new temporary art site by sometime this week - We have about four or five more categories of art series left to complete. Onward to get some housework done before teaching. 'Have a Nice Day' - xxoo, Laurie

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