Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red Bars and Girl

Hi Everyone, I'm ecstatic that a new season of Project Runway has begun airing. Tonight the third episode is running, however I missed the first two episodes (due to work conflicts) so I watched the saved recordings this week. I'm in love with fashion and creativity! How many of you enjoy Project Runway? My dream is to, some year, attend Fashion Week in New York. I started designing a few dresses this year..... I dropped art off at the Puyallup Arts Festival last week, and I'm waiting to hear back which pieces were juried into the show, if any? I'm still refining my art site a bit, but Michael, my son, did an awesome job of getting the basic layout completed:
Thanks ahead of time for looking at the art site.
I'm still getting my Facebook Fan Page out there too, so if you get a chance go to the page - push 'Like'.
Also, you can check out my Reverbnation page, which I am currently #8 on the Rock charts for Seattle.
I'm teaming up with a charity (whose mission is ending domestic violence in homes) where I'm donating a percentage of my CD sales and downloads. My song 'U Really Chose' was included on four CD compilations concerning domestic violence, and I played the 2005 'Take Back the Night' Festival at the University of Santa Barbara Festival which also dealt with domestic violence awareness.
I painted this small acrylic painting last night.
It is a beautiful day outside, so I'm off to see what magic occurs today.....

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