Friday, August 20, 2010

Marvelous Maple Leaf

Hola! Home from teaching lessons, and then my gig/playing bass with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding at the Redline in West Seattle. Faith No More - 'I Started a Joke' I'm finally feeling better today, not so miserably hot - okay I know, from all my friends on the East coast and down south - zip it. Oh well. I made some progress organizing my back room, but it is probably going to take me twice as long as previously estimated. My posting is inspired by a big leaf maple leaf which I found on my morning hike. Nighty night. xxoo

Marvelous Maple Leaf
Marvelous maple leaf
Floating on a breeze
How many strange scenes
Have you observed
Hanging from a tree
Gliding slowly downward toward
An unknown destiny
Once again
Turning upside down
Once again
Searching deep inside
Serenaded by small mysterious sounds
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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