Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool

Hi Everyone! I know it has been some time since I've posted once again. What can I say, work, work, work, till my fingers bleed.
I am finally hurdling over a few stumbling blocks - yeah! I still have a couple of marathons worth of change to complete, but at least I'm starting to crawl in some direction. April Fool's day, used to be the day that a trickster like me really created a chuckle for myself at the expense of others. Then my mother passed away on April 1st, and she got the last laugh - dang it! Okay,
I'm going to take the April - Poem a Day challenge, and I only have a couple of minutes till midnight. Here goes a quicky poem,
I promise to give myself more time to write in the future, and I will add an illustration - or art, and maybe music in the future too.

April Fool

Corn fields and clouds
I remember when I was four
starting out in the middle
of Indiana
Moving to the brown hills
of California when I was five
Back to Indiana when I was six
Once heading west to California
My dad was working on his Phd at Standford
That is the why to all of our early traversing
Back to Indiana
Then to Washington
Finally high school in Pennsylvania
And a college degree at Penn State
Back out to California
A degree in design from art school
Up to Washington to live with my mother
while I was a single musician artist mom
Mom passes away on April Fool's day
I'm dizzy. How about you?

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