Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Utterances of Blue

Hi Everyone! I know I've been slacking with my blog postings, but my body has been fighting allergies and fatigue. I played gigs last week with Tim Turner on Wednesday, and Granite Reign on Friday. I'm still preparing for my original music acoustic gigs, and I plan on booking gigs soon. I'm focusing this week on finishing a couple of drawings by Friday to enter into the Edmonds Arts Festival. My modern expressionism art is still part of a group show at Couth Buzzard Books . Check it out if you get a chance. My new art web site is finally in the process of being built. Yahoo! I can't wait. I'm really enjoying reading about the Expressionist and then channeling this style. Very soothing to my soul. I'll be at the Rim Rock in Lake City with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding again on Wednesday, so come on out and dance if you get a chance. My poem today was inspired by the word 'utterance' which was provided to me by my friend Carol. I've also linked my song 'Crawling' to this posting. Have a nice sunny day! xxoo

Utterance of blue
Utterances of blue
Falling over you
Time to break free
From the likes and dislikes of others
Time to be true
To your views
Changing the utterances of blue
With a new wind blowing through

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