Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yellow Candy

Hi Everyone! Yesterday was a very long day, running from teaching one lesson to another and then straight to a gig at The LIghthouse in Des Moines, WA with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding. In so much as, I didn't have two seconds at home to write my poem, and I was way too brain dead at 3 am when I arrived home after my gig. Today, as in April 4th, since I haven't gone to sleep yet, is when my father passed away. I talked about him last year, but to quickly reiterate, he died at the age of 49 years young. He was an associate professor of sports medicine at Penn State and the president of the National Athletic Injuries Recording. This unrelated weird poem popped into my head this evening, and then I created this quick pastel to illustrate it. Really tired so off to bed. Nighty Night xxoo

Yellow Candy
Sucking on a piece of
yellow candy
Feeling the flavor
Coat my tongue
Wallowing in the sensation
Never wanting it to end

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