Monday, June 21, 2010

Goofy Perspectives

Howdy. Well, I passed out before I could post my blog posting. After three hours of sleep yesterday, I taught lessons early in the morning, and then played a gig up in Arlington at The Stump with Brainstorm. On the way home I stopped by Tulalip casino and saw Randy Hansen (Jimi Hendrix impersonator) play. I have played with the drummer Rick Spano on and off for over ten years now. I hired Randy one year to play on my song, 'Take My Hand,' Randy is a great performer! I met my friend Lori there, and I did my drawing for this posting while sitting in the parking lot waiting for her to get there. We hung with my friend Eddie, who owns New CA Tavern. I have my last gig - five out of five days tonight at the J & M in Pioneer Square with Dr. Z and the MDs. I'm off to take a nap. Nighty night. xxoo

Goofy Perspectives
Goofy perspectives
Viewed through
Handprint tinted glasses
All aglow
Goofy perspectives
Twirling my mind around
Flowing through the atmosphere
Eventually ending
Smashed on the ground
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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