Monday, July 19, 2010

Girl with Two Heads - Part 2

Hi. The title of this blog is linked to a mysterious youtube video. This blog posting is a continuation of yesterdays post. It was inspired by my bff Maureen Spranza's dream. This blog posting is also my first collaboration, and I'm thinking of having more collaborative postings and guest postings in the near future. Maureen had a dream about a stick figure guy holding the hand of a stick figure girl with two heads. Maureen looked up the meaning of her dream at The site said that dreaming of an image with two heads means that you need to ask for help. It also means that two heads are better than one, and to not try and do everything yourself. Maureen is a prime example of doing everything herself, and she does a great job of it. She is a single mother of two young girls, she is working on her phd degree related to music education, she has a full time job as a music teacher in the California public school system, and she teaches private music lessons on the side. Maureen and I met when I lived in the Bay Area. She was working on her Master's Degree in Electronic Music and Recording from Mills College. We first met playing in a band called Kattrax. After that Maureen and I played in other original music projects, and she has always been my vampire phone buddy. Maureen also graduated from Berklee School of music with a degree in jazz composing. The sax is her main instrument. As for the collaborative part of this blog, Maureen sent me her drawing as she saw it in her head. I then wrote the poem Girl with Two Heads complimenting her dream, I painted a print of her picture, and I created variations of the drawing in photoshop. The black and white drawing is Maureen's original drawing in this posting. Thanks Maureen. Rock on!!!! I'm so happy to be back on the road to focusing on my original music again.
Kudos to Gary and his first gig as a band leader today. You were awesome!!! Nighty night. xxoo

Girl With Two Heads
Girl with two heads
What do you dread?
Asking for help,
Or sleeping in a bed covered
With dirty kelp?
Are two heads better than one,
Or is making a decision
Beyond confusing and
Leaves you feeling dumb?
Girl with two heads
Maybe it is time
To ask for some assistance
Before your life
Becomes a puddle of gooey slime
From all of your resistance
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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