Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Walking Red Table

Ahhh. My feet are throbbing and my muscles are cramping. I missed several days of postings to my blog due to a massive amount of gigs, eight gigs in six days to be exact, an enormous about of students to teach, plus helping my son set up our garage sale on both Friday and Saturday. My son, Michael, became engaged to his girlfriend Stephanie on Sunday July 11th. They are both wonderful, kind, positive people and I'm happy for them both. My mother, Shirley, who passed away a few years ago, would have celebrated her 81st birthday on July 10th. On Sunday I played two benefit gigs; one benefit at the New Orleans in Pioneer Square was for Charles White (lead singer of the Charles White band - who I used to play bass with) is fighting bone cancer, and the other benefit held at The Hard Rock Cafe was for Norm Belles (keyboardist, trombonist) who fell off a roof and broke his neck.
I sweated so much at these gigs that when I came home I left my bass in the car. The Monday night gig at the J & M with Dr. Z and the MDs is going great! Musically it is my favorite gig. Desperately seeking sleep! Nighty night. xxoo

Walking Red Table
Walking red table
Where are you going?
Up a caramel colored hill
Or down to a new club
Where everybody
Is wearing purple kilts
A mini man
Jumped into the empty stew pot
And a vampire dog
Is chomping on one green leg
The red walking table
Is having a very strange day

Copyright 2010 - LAM

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