Monday, September 20, 2010

Mirror of the Backwards Show

Hi everyone! I had a fairly relaxing day today. I even took a nap - yeah! I'm still working on getting my studio set up - maybe one to two more weeks at the most, and then I can start creating some tunes on the the computer - ohh oohh. My mind is in a creative mode, thinking up things in the subconscious, so I'll keep this short. I've linked a really cool live version of U2's
'Where the Streets Have No Name.' Enjoy! Nighty night. xxoo

Mirror of The Backwards Show
Looking in the mirror of the backwards show
You observe what you see
But you never know?
Time is time
Till you walk in free fall
Removing most of what you heard
Was it backwards from what you learned?
Listening to what you see
Can you hear?
This comes after the known is unclear
Stripping your life down to a very fine thread
Do you see from what you feel?
Would it make you cry?
If you feel from what you see,
Will it make you die?
Meeting my soul will have to wait
Thin glass walls are made to break
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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