Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Riding a Red Tire

Hi everyone! Whelp, I had my longest day of teaching today, but I want to post my blog tonight since I missed my posting last night due to getting lost in a creative moment. I love this song: Sinead O'Connor - Last Day of Our Acquaintance. Nighty night. xxoo

Riding a Red Tire
Riding a red tire
Deep into a smoldering fire
Smells a little like burning cyber
Time to run this beachcomber
South against the wind
Jumping face first
Into a sideways swim
Along an untamed coast
Ending in an upside float

Copyright 2010 - LAM


  1. Really cute! Love it. I can't believe you have done your daily creative post for 3/4 of your year now! Amazing with your schedule. I will always enjoy it along with many others. Thanks for reminding me of that song.
    Peace, Lori

  2. Thanks Lori #2. I hope you are doing well.