Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Koala, Koala

Hi Everyone. I fell asleep before posting last night. Cold medicine with antihistamine hits me fast. I watched the movie 'Impromptu' the other night. The movie illustrates the affair of George Sand and Chopin plus it depicts how artist of the 19th Century lived. I find the movie very inspiring to my artistic soul. My blog posting for last night/this morning (I'm allowing a little cross over time period) is inspired once again by my paint wipings. Another Rorschach test if you please. When I was looking at my smudges of discarded paint, I couldn't get the image of a koala out of my mind. Besides teaching everyday, and then gigs four nights this week coming up, I'm focusing on getting my larger artistic goals in three different areas of the arts (music, painting, writing) organized and implemented. Off to my busy day. xxoo

Koala, Koala
Koala, Koala
Sitting in a tree
What are you up to?
Eating Eucalyptus leaves?
Koala, koala,
We have so much in common
You are a solitary fellow
And I wish I lived in Australia
You sleep during the day
And then you
Chew, chew, chew
Your nights away
We both have slow metabolic rates
And we rarely go out on dates
We both were hunted
Almost to extinction
But now we are
Healing and returning
To full function
Copyright 2010 - LAM


  1. All that comes to mind is "love is blue." Then again, that's not exactly true, but it's the easiest way to say what I feel.

    Clouds passing through the sky
    Melting into rain
    Rainbows passing through my eye
    Healing all the pain

    As you say hello and I say hi
    You don't look me in the eye
    The silence held between our lips
    Breaks my heart in little rips

    To see, to hear, to smell the rain
    To laugh with you and feel your pain
    Let's look each other in the eye
    And touch our hearts as we go bye.

  2. Thanks for sharing your poem.