Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dark Before Dawn

Hi Everyone. My inspiration for tonight's blog posting is my friend Susan's name for her coffee, 'Dark Before Dawn.' I taught lessons today and then I played a gig about an hour away from my house in Maple Valley, WA with the band Brainstorm. My arm is super tingly and numb tonight. I still have to reschedule my follow up blood test clinic appointment, since they double booked me. Ah state compensated health care: clinics with no real doctors, only nurse practitioners, and you could be standing in their lobby bleeding to death and they would schedule you an appointment two months out. It is almost 3 am and I need to get up in a few hours for another long day of teaching, so ..... nighty night. xoxoxo

Dark Before Dawn
Dark before dawn
Quiet before song
Peace before chaos
Right before wrong
Conflict before resolutions
Problems before solutions
Fear before faith
Prison before freedom
Down before up
Depression before hope
Dawn before dark
Dark before dawn
Copyright 2010 - LAM

1 comment:

  1. Your poem pretty much reflects the tarot card reading I gave a woman earlier today, which I told her also reflected my own truth. As my qabalah teacher used to say and I now often say myself, How I Know Is What I Am. The cards are merely a bridge.