Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lead Me To...

Hi Everyone. Ah, this cold is still hanging on in my head even though my energy is better. I played a gig with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding tonight at Pike Place Bar & Grill. The clams were awesome! I heard from my favorite artist/designer friend Betty tonight - Happy Birthday (a couple of days late!) We are both born in April, we went to CCAC (now CCA) and we worked at Landor in San Francisco. My son is coming home tomorrow for my birthday on Monday. Yeah! The cat really appreciates it when he is home. Well, here is my brain dead creativity inspired by a picture I like, which I quickly did a watercolor of and then wrote the little poem. Nighty night. xxoo

Lead Me To…..
Lead me to abundance
Lead me to peace
Lead me to
A place of pure kindness and compassion
Lead me with ease
Lead me to
Friends who are true
Lead me to a family
Where I can renew
Lead me to
My highest goal
Spiritual evolution
To unconditional love to all
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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