Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cat Scratch

Hi everyone! I taught lessons from noon - 6 pm, and then I played a gig (an hour drive from my house) down in Des Moines hosting a jam with at The LIghthouse with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding yesterday. I didn't make it back home, since the jam ran long, till 3 am. Ugh!
The Seahawks beat the Rams 16 to 6 yesterday. Yeah! The play off game is January 8th, Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints. I woke up early today to make steak and eggs for my son before he left back to Central University. I taught some lessons this afternoon, and I woke up from a nap a little bit ago to paint this small acrylic painting and write this poem. I'm really looking forward to some new adventures in 2011. Nighty night. xxoo

Cat scratch

Cat scratch
One more time
Meaning derived
From friction inside
Time away
Will repair
The sideways cuts
Growing length wise

Copyright 2011 - LAM

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