Sunday, March 7, 2010

Desperately Seeking ZZZZZs

Hi. Arriving home from my gig a few minutes ago, I realize I'm beyond exhausted. I've been on the go and working for almost 20 hours today. I'm posting my blog even though I'm tired because I love having a creative outlet. Buenos Noches Amigos.

Desperately Seeking ZZZZZs
Desperately seeking zzzs
Before I break down and sneeze
I’m sleep deprived
To a dangerous amount
I may not come back
To the here and now
Exhaustion from the daily grind
Wish I could find some relief
And peace of mind
Wish I could find a wizard or two
To wave a magic wand
And help me through
Desperately seeking zzzzzzs
Good night
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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