Friday, March 12, 2010

One Less Cat

Hi. My blog posting for today is inspired by my cat, Poe - short for Edgar Allan Poe, and Project Runway. I was teaching an early class today, after only a few hours sleep, and all I could think about was laying down for a quick nap before teaching a few more private students. Opening my bedroom door I was blasted with a horrible oder and my cat darting off between my legs. Hmmm. How did she get in here I thought? Searching for where the smell was emitting from, I finally found it on top of my bed. Cat soup sounds appetizing right now. Hasta!

One Less Cat

Fat cat
How could you
Do me like that?
Leaving me a smelly present
In a Godfather style
On my bed nonetheless
On top of my favorite black satin comforter
I’m looking into my crystal ball
And guess what I see
One less cat
For me to feed
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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