Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Growing a Sense of Humor

Hi. Sometimes in the music business you can hear a lot of ignorant uneducated things. It is hard not to take things personally, but my son reminded me not to take things so seriously. I am blessed to have a wonderful, smart, wise son.
My arm is getting worse, so my son & I are going to try to get into the clinic early tomorrow. If I can't be seen there, then we are going to the emergency room since I can't get a doctor appointment till April.

Growing a Sense of Humo
Growing a sense of humor
Starts as a seed
Similar to a tiny gurgle
Deep in your knees
It crawls up your body
Like out of control weeds
Tickling you silly
As a laugh starts to weave
You hear a cry deep from within
Don’t take yourself so seriously
That’s the only way you can win
Wear a smile instead of a frown
Laugh at all the tiny pink clowns
Growing a sense of humor
Is the best work you can achieve
Growing a sense a humor
Begins with tickling your feet
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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