Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Glass Love

>Hi Everyone. I am feeling better after a nap even though my left arm is still numb and tingly. It is 2 am right now while I am posting, but the truth is I'm a vampire. Hopefully I'll get the music portion of my blog going in April. The engineers I contacted to help me get set up were busy with recording projects, so I'll try again tomorrow. I'm adding my CDbaby link to my instrumental easy listening songs.
Nighty night.

Glass Love
Glass love
Transparent and fragile
Sent to me
On the wings of an angel
Gentle and kind
Filled with true empathy
Glass love
I’m looking to see
Whose face
Will be
On the other side
Whose lips will I kiss
But still remain wise
Whose arms will hold me
Never to let go
Glass love
Transparent and fragile
When will I see
Maybe tomorrow
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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