Monday, October 25, 2010

Sky of Shapes

Hola! I love this song - Hide in Your Shell - singer Roger Hodgson, Supertramp Feeling a bit under weather, I stayed home today. I hope to start on a new surreal painting tonight. This morning, while my son and I worked on some projects, the world gymnastics championship was on TV in the background. One commentator commented that a certain gymnast couldn't compete because she was injured, and I found humor in the other commentator's comment which was, "We are all a little injured aren't we." I also watched part of the Seahawks game, which they won 22-10 over the Cardinals. Nighty night. xxoo

Sky of Shapes
Sky of shapes
Show me my faith
If a door closes
Will a new welcoming window
Beckon me to jump
Should I instead
Turn and run
To a new place, like LA, to hide
Or should I wait one more painful day
Under this depressing gray sky
I reach for a triangle
I wish upon a square
I pray for a circle
To remove my soul’s dispair

Copyright 2010 - LAM

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