Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Winged Angel

Hi everyone! My son is home from college - yeah! Even though my lungs still hurt, my energy level feels much better with Michael around. I held my winter recital for my music students today at Avamere Rehabilitation Center. It went well. It was a lot of work though. Typing all of the Christmas lyric sheets that weren't used - next year. Trying to set up a PA, that worked fine at home, in 15 minutes (it usually takes at least a half hour to set up a PA, but Avamere can't clear people out of the lunch room till 15 minutes before we are supposed to start the recital), and then the PA doesn't work at the recital site. Ahhh Murphy's Law at work. I want to thank all of my wonderful students who performed, and all of the family members who came to watch. Thank You! I also want to say a special thanks to Theo - for playing the snare, and Michael and Stephanie for helping me set up, tear down, video, etc. Thanks again. I created this acrylic painting and poem tonight to unwind after everything. I've also linked a song called - One Winged Angel - for Final Fantasy VII (Eminence Symphony). Nighty night. xxoo

One Winged Angel
One winged angel
Appearing from beneath the earth
Announcing an untouched path
Only a limited number will hear
Unfamiliar messages
Mystical to conceive
One winged angel
Retreats to an unused sea
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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