Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa on Vacation

Hi Everyone,
I just finished sending out the youtube video links to all of my students from the recital . My eyes are really sore from straining to see my computer screen,
so I may have to rest before starting my large scale paintings. As Maureen was just singing in my ear, "Tomorrow, tomorrow
there's always tomorrow." So, since she was torturing me with some Rudolph song, I told her she has to write the poem
to go along with my illustration I drew and painted tonight. Thus, she titled and wrote the poem for this posting.
I've linked
Close to the Edge by Yes Part 1 of 2
Nighty night. xxoo

Santa on Vacation
Twas the day after Christmas
And all through the island
Not a snow drop was falling
Like it was on Long Island.

The starfish was washed
on the shore near the sea
In hopes of glimpse
of a closer palm tree.

The children were playing
outside on the beach
While visions of rectangles
memorized each.

And mamma in her lipstick,
and I in my glove,
were wondering what just had
come from above.

Cuz from out on the boat
there arose such a clatter
I dashed out to the lagoon
to see what was the matter.

Away to the dock
I flew like a flash
to try to determine
what made the huge crash.

The sun on the breast of the
sand I well know
Gave the lustre of mid-day
to objects below.

Happy Vacation, Santa

by Maureen Spranza
Copyright 2010

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