Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bonzo the Pug

Hi Everyone! I'm brain dead tonight, alright, I know, what's new? My bff Cindi took me to Tulalip Casino last night for my belated birthday dinner/gambling/fun night! We had a blast! Here in Washington they have casinos on indian reservation land. I've played music at the club inside Tulalip several times, and then I played bass at the outdoor amphitheater opening for Tommy Tutone and The Knack a few years ago. I have a tagged photo on Facebook for that gig. Tommy asked Sally and I to sing back up for the Tommy Tutone band since we were already on stage, which we did, "8675309999. "
Anyway, I missed my blog posting yesterday, because once Cindi started gambling at penny slots she didn't want to stop, and by the time I arrived home I was beyond tired. My inspiration for my blog tonight is dedicated to Cindi's dog who passed away a couple of weeks ago. Nighty night. xxoo

Bonzo the Green Pug
Bonzo the green pug
Waiting for a hug
Where is her master hiding?
In whom should
She be confiding
Bonzo’s tummy is grumbling
Alas, she hears a distant humming
Someone is bringing Bonzo a bone
Yahoo, food and company
She will no longer be alone
Copyright 2010 - LAM


  1. I was wondering who the dog was, now I know. Fyi, I need to reteach you how to use the hyperlink function.

  2. I know. The hyperlink didn't work correctly?