Friday, May 7, 2010

Peppy Penguin

Hola! I had a fun tonight jamming at the Redline with Tim Turner and Billy Spaulding. However, now I can barely keep my eyes open. I took an antihistamine last night, and though my lungs feel better, antihistamine stays in my system and makes me very sleepy. Okay here is a bit of personal information; if I had my choice, I would stay in bed forever and sleep at least 20 hours per day/night. I enjoy dreaming more than 'almost' anything else in life. mmmmm. Long day tomorrow, so nighty night. xxoo

Peppy Penguin
Peppy penguin
Pirouetting across the floor
Peppy penguin
Is never a bore
Always a joke
On Peppy’s tongue
Peppy is forever young
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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