Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rose Man

Hi Everyone! I know I missed another blog posting yesterday, but I haven't been feeling well. It is Michael's birthday this week, yahooey! Technically I popped him out (okay he was a c-section baby) on May 27th in Oakland, CA. Like I said before my son, Michael, is the greatest blessing I have experienced in this life. He is such a quality human being, and I am honored to share my life with him. We went to see Clash of the Titans in 3D Sunday evening to celebrate his birthday. The story is based loosely on the Greek mythological story of Perseus's battle with Medusa to save the city of Argos.
My blog posting tonight is inspired by the first rose to bloom from my garden this spring. My son and I have been planting roses in our front yard to honor my mother's passing for a few years now. I swear they are the sweetest smelling roses ever. It is probably the goat manure in the dirt which contributes to the beautiful aroma. hee hee. Night night. xxoo

Rose Man
Rose man
Rose man
What do you
Want from me
To bring me a new perfume
Or to harm me with
Your sweetly disguised thorns
To create joy and happiness
Of to wreak havoc
And leave a new mess
Rose man
Rose man
Should I take a chance
On a paradoxical romance
Rose man
Rose man
Maybe we should
Begin again
With a more intimate dance
Moving to the rhythm of honesty
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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