Monday, February 1, 2010

Whatever Doesn't Kill Ya!

Okay, I'm still alive. Barely breathing, but the ole ticker is still creating some kind of strange hip hop sort of rhythm. (music, hopefully soon, will illustrate this). I work seven days a week and I'm desperate for a break. I finished rubbing Pain Relieving cream all over my neck five minutes ago, so I temporarily feel better. Now, after posting my blog, I need to squeeze in a meditation session for mmmm at least 30 seconds.

Whatever Doesn’t Kill Ya!
Whatever doesn’t kill ya
Will make you stronger
Maybe I don’t want to be stronger
Maybe I like the strength I am
Stronger how?
Muscle wise?
Problem solving wise?
Character wise? (this is probably what “they” mean)
I wanna lay in bed
For at least a week
I don’t wanna be stronger
I wanna be weak
I wanna read my girrly magazines
And watch my favorite movies
I wanna bring some joy back into my life
Instead of proving if this age old phrase is right
Whatever doesn’t kill ya
Will make you stronger
Screw that
I think I'll take the easy way out
And live a little longer
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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