Friday, February 19, 2010

Spinning in Strange Circles

Hi. I might have quite a few mistakes in this blog. I just got home from my Thursday night gig with Tim Turner and Billy, and I am feeling physically under the weather. I was even comtemplating go to the emergency room, but I called the Dr. instead. My muscles are aching with incredible constant pain and my throat is so sore it is hard to swallow. It feels like an allergic reaction to the Lovasatin, and even though I stopped taking it a couple of days ago the symptoms are getting worse. Anyway, I really love the Olympics and this blog was inspired by the men's ice skating that I could see on the TVs in the bar. I wrote this little poem while sitting at the jam, I was taking a break while other jammers played. If I can read my horrid handwriting then I'll post the blasted poem.

Spinning in Strange Circles
Spinning in strange circles
What does it take?
An edge of precision
Balance and integrity
As not to fall off you blade
Sliding into ecstasy
Then chaos
A wobble a slip
Into circles of mayhem
The only escape
Is to ask the right questions
To set a strange circle line straight
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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