Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who Should You Believe?

Hi. I started this blog posting early this morning when I came home from my gig, but due to my physical pain/exhaustion from my allergic reaction to my medicine I never finished it. Therefore, I will create two post today. I was watching the men's downhill skiing when I started writing this post early this morning. I played a great rock n roll gig with Brainstorm last night. I finally get a day to rest before my gig tonight, yeah!! It is beautiful but cold out. It was 32 degrees and icy out when I drove home from my gig last night.

Who Should You Believe?
Who should you believe?
Believe in yourself
That is what all the great athletes do
They don’t live for the approval of others
Even though they receive it
They live to do their best
Who should you believe?
Believe the truth
Don’t allow false promises manipulate you
Don’t let temptations destroy your dreams
Stay true to yourself
Don’t forget your boundaries
Respect your talents
Who should you believe?
You should believe the inner you
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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