Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ice Dancing

Hi Everyone. I woke up only a few hours ago, and then I was lost working on my taxes. I still have several hours to go to complete my taxes. Anyway, when I woke up Ice Dancing was featured on the 2010 Winter Olympics and the Canadian team Virtue and Moir won the gold medal. The ice dancing was beautiful to watch. I'll finish my post then back to a few more hours of work on my taxes. Oh yeah, the pen and ink drawing I drew while watching the ice dancing tonight, and the other images were derived from tweakage (my word) that I did right now.

Ice Dancing in Unison
Which way to turn
Skating in unison
Lifting and spinning
Flowing backwards and sideways
Gliding, gliding, gliding
In perfect harmony with
The complementary music
Arms emoting feelings inside
Exciting footwork heating the ride
Lifting and Spinning
Up and down
Round and round
Hoping for a perfect skate
Faster and faster
Till the final peak
Ice dancing in unison
Once again
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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