Sunday, February 21, 2010

Used Tooth Brushes

Hi Everyone. I'm still feeling sick. Not sure what is wrong? Had a fun gig despite my body's pain with Blue 55 at the New Orleans in Pioneer Square. I then taught lessons all day today. I'm amazed I'm still awake, so I'll keep this blog sort. I'm still enjoying watching different Winter Olympic events. USA beat Canada in ice hockey, yeah!

Used Tooth Brush
Used tooth brush
With bristles falling out
Do you live in fear
With a sinkful of doubt
Don’t let people spread their
Toxic green paste on you
Breakaway and
Be true to you
Remember your boundaries
Remember your dreams
Remember you goals and talents
Don’t fall victim
To jealous little schemes
Clean yourself off
And become self reliant
Appreciate the way
Your handle bends
Stop comparing yourself
To other brands
Forgive yourself
Not a little but a lot
Allow yourself another chance
To perform the tooth brush dance

Copyright 2010 - LAM

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