Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Missing My Number 1 Fan

Okay, I'm taking way too long of a break after teaching all day before I must start working on my taxes. I'll probably be up until six or seven am at this rate. Today's poem and illustration is inspired by the Canadian 2010 Winter Olympic skater Joannine Rochette. She lost her mother unexpectedly on Sunday. After the courageous skating of her short program, you could see how painful the absence of her mother was for her. I lost my mother suddenly a few years ago, and I can relate to how Joannine feels. Having someone special to share your accomplishments with makes the moment even more memorable.

Missing My Number 1 Fan
I’m missing my number 1 fan
You’re not at home
You’re not where I am
I’ve won my game
I’m the best I can be
But with out you to share
It means half as much to me
My win is overshadowed
With my feelings of loss
I miss you mom
My thoughts are with you
The universe they cross
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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