Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lone Tree

Hi ye all! After I get a good eight hours of sleep, I will be in a more positive frame of mind. Currently my body is feeling stabbing pain in my neck and my lungs are filled with gunk from exhaustion. The weekends are a physically challenging time for me with teaching, four hour rock and roll gigs (getting home and to bed by 4 or 5 am), and three to four hours of sleep for about four nights in a row. Hopefully by Wednesday I will feel somewhat normal again, and I will have a few more brain cells working. Thus, it may take me till the middle of the coming week to figure out the posting music to my blog challenge. I also attended a memorial for Edith, my bf's sister, on Saturday. Even though I feel she is now pain free, I feel compassion for the loss her family now is experiencing. Okay, time to post and then curl up in a ball.

Lone Tree
Lone tree
Looking for love
What to do
When surviving overtakes
Most of my life
I grasp for breath
In utter exhaustion
To nurture what is left
Of my bare branches
A drop of true compassion
And understanding to
My struggles
Would help heal my roots
Then my branches
Can grow strong and firm
And once more
They can help support
Other forms of fungi
Copyright 2010 - LAM

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